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What is SCADA ?

1. IntroductionOn 20 Sept. 2000, the Finance Committee approved the proposal to negotiate a contract with ETM A.G. (Eisenstadt, Austria) for the supply of PVSS - ETM's SCADA - for developing the control systems of ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb. In addition the SCADA Working Group, that was set up by the CERN Controls Board, recommends PVSS as one of the SCADA products for the development of future control systems at CERN.These decisions are the accomplishment of around thirteen person-years (FTE) of effort - spanning over more than three years - to identify and evaluate a proper industrial control system that copes with the extreme requirements of high energy particle physics experiments such as those of the LHC.Widely used in industry for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition of industrial processes, SCADA systems are now also penetrating the experimental physics laboratories for the controls of ancillary systems such as cooling, ventilation, power distribution, etc. More recentl…