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RS232 to USB converters

Image via Wikipedia USB to RS232 conversion
One of the most common questions asked to me in emails is how an RS232 connector can be soldered to an USB cable. Unfortunately life is not that simple. Although RS232 and USB (universal serial bus) are both serial communication standards to connect peripherals to computers, they are totally different in design. A simple cable is not enough to connect RS232 devices to a computer with only USB ports. There are however converter modules and cables that can be successfully used to connect RS232 devices to computers via an USB port. These adapters and cables contain electronics, and the success rate depends on the capabilities of this electronics and the device driver software that is shipped with the converter to communicate with these electronics over the USB bus. Before buying your USB to RS232 converter, it is advised that you read this document first.

Differences from the application point of view

RS232 is a definition for serial communicat…

CX-One Version 4.0: Better Than Ever

Easy and intuitive operation to reduce the work involved in programming.

  New Feature 1: Smart Input 

A Smart Input Function greatly reduces the work required to input programs
A complete range of intuitive programming functions is provided, including instruction and address input assistance, address incrementing, and address Incremental Copy.
These functions enable waste-free programming with minimal effort.

  New Feature 2: Memory Operation Preview 

Easier Preliminary Verification of Position Control Units
The memory operation data created on the CX-Programmer for CJ1W-NC[][]4 Position Control Units can be used to display graphs and motion paths for the position or speed operations of each axis. This enables smoother startup and reduces the work required for preliminary system verification.

*This function will be supported for EtherCAT-compatible Position Control Unit in the near future.

  New Feature …

Wonderware InBatch Software

Image via Wikipedia InBatch is powerful software that can be used in the most complex batching processes that require a high level of flexibility. Consistent with the ISA S88 flexible batching standard, InBatch software offers comprehensive batch execution and equipment history, material genealogy, stringent security, Web-based reporting and the ability to facilitate the design and implementation of systems that are compliant with FDA21 CFRPart 11 regulations.

Wonderware InBatch continues the success of I/A Series Batch, InBatch for InFusion and Wonderware InBatch into a single software release and provides integration with Wonderware System Platform and Invensys InFusion Enterprise Control System. Key BenefitsReduce life-cycle costs of batch execution systemsOptimized throughput and maximized equipment utilizationHigh flexibility in recipe procedure- and material formulation changesEnhanced batch application capabilities with ArchestrA platform integration, enabling end to …

GPS + Smartcard Alat Pembayaran Tol di Korea Selatan

Image by mroach via Flickr Wah ini bahasan kayanya menarik nih,… Selama pengalaman traveling di negara Korea Selatan ada beberapa alat yang dipasang di mobil sebagai alat navigasi bagi driver dan Smart Card untuk Tol.
Ini dia photonya sempat aku jepretttt….
1. GPS.
GPS singkatan dari Global Position Systems. Di negara-negara maju termasuk Korsel salah satunya GPS merupakan barang yang biasa anda jumpai di mobil-mobil pribadi atau taxi.
Check di sini untuk penjelasan detail mengenai GPS, Klik aja disini!
Fungsi sebagai alat navigasi bagi pengendara. Jika anda akan menuju suatu kota anda tinggal mencari kota tujuannya. Secara otomatis alat ini akan menuntun anda hingga ke tujuan. Hebatnya keakurasiaan GPS di korea ini bisa dibuktikan.
Ada satu pengalaman selama perjalanan, teman saya (driver yg baik, hehehe) gak tahu alamat teman yang akan di kunjunginya. Tetapi dia tahu no telp temannya itu. Dengan cepatnya dia menuju ke monitor GPS yang taouchscreen itu memasukan No. Telp…

Free Bulletin from YOKOGAWA

Industries1 Download printer-friendly version [PDF] , Right Click and SAVE AS....
Viewing PDF files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Yokogawa in the Petrochemical Industry [3.5MB] Yokogawa in the Oil & Gas Industry [2.4MB] Yokogawa in the refinery supply chain [3.3MB] Yokogawa in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing [1.3MB] Yokogawa in the LNG supply chain [4.0MB] Yokogawa in the Power Industry [4.0MB] Download printer-friendly version [PDF]
Viewing PDF files requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Yokogawa Releases FAST/TOOLS R9.03 SCADA System

Image via Wikipedia Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces the release of version R9.03 of the FAST/TOOLS web-based SCADA system. Adopted by many innovative industrial automation users worldwide, this platform-independent process management software sets the standard for Operational Excellence. Combining the latest web technology with exceptional quality has resulted in the most advanced SCADA solution yet – one that is designed to meet the latest engineering and maintenance requirements. Thirty years of project experience and innovation in the oil & gas, petrochemical, and power industries are the foundation for this next generation SCADA software. This greatly enhanced version of the FAST/TOOLS web-based SCADA system enables a new and innovative approach to remote engineering and maintenance, deploying process applications and monitoring via web-based services. Its use of the latest technologies and web-based architecture provides management and maintenance personnel…


You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand them; they are just a different way of encoding numbers and letters by using a combination of bars and spaces of varying widths. Think of them as another way of writing since they replace key-data entry as a method of gathering data. In business, the correct use of bar codes can reduce inefficiencies and improve a company’s productivity thereby growing their bottom line.  Optical Barcode Scanners

Simply put, barcodes are a fast, easy, and accurate way of entering data.

This may come as a surprise to you! A barcode doesn’t contain descriptive data. Just as your social security number doesn’t contain your name or address, a bar code is also a reference number that a computer uses to look up an associated record that contains descriptive data and other important information. 

Barcode Reading
Bar codes are read by sweeping a small spot of light across the printed bar code symbol. Your eyes only see a thin red line emit…