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IP Ratings – What are they and what do they mean?

Electrical cabinets are one of those ubiquitous elements in industrial environments. It doesn’t matter what industry you are in – whether it’s discrete, process , utility, building and construction or even commercial retail – everything needs power. That means cables and relays carrying what may be a dangerous amount of electricity that need to be protected from the elements and environment on one side and people that need to be protected from accidental exposure on the other.

The consequences of such accidental exposure can be tragic. According to statistics collected and published by Capelli-Schellpfeffer, Inc., electrical accidents called arc flashes kill one or two people in the United States every day. Many more are injured and then there is the cost of damaged equipment and lost production to consider. Numerous standards have been devised to reduce the frequency of such accidents and make industrial environments as safe as possible. These standards govern every asp…

StuxnetRemover Free Download

StuxnetRemover is a lightweith utility that will scan and remove Stuxnet/Tmphider rootkit from your computer. StuxnetRemover is able to remove active infections and clear USB devices.


How Stuxnet Worm Works

Stuxnet looks for industrial control systems and then changes the code in them to allow the attackers to take control of these systems without the operators knowing. In other words, this threat is designed to allow hackers to manipulate real-world equipment, which makes it very dangerous. It’s like nothing we’ve seen before – both in what it does, and how it came to exist. It is the first computer virus to be able to wreak havoc in the physical world. It is sophisticated, well-funded, and there are not many groups that could pull this kind of threat off. It is also the first cyberattack we’ve seen specifically targeting industrial control systems. The worm is made up of complex computer code that requires lots of different skills to put it together. Symantec security experts estimate it took five to ten people to work on this project for six months. In addition, knowledge of industrial control systems was needed along with access to such systems to do quality assurance…

Exploring Stuxnet’s PLC Infection Process

We first mentioned that W32.Stuxnet targets industrial control systems (ICSs) -- such as those used in pipelines or nuclear power plants -- 2 months ago in our blog here and gave some more technical details here.
While we are going to include all of the technical details in a paper to be released at the Virus Bulletin Conference on September 29th, in recent days there has been significant interest in the process through which Stuxnet is able to infect a system and remain undetected.
Because Stuxnet targets a specific ICS, observing its behavior on a test system can be misleading, as the vast majority of the most interesting behavioral characteristics simply will not occur. When executed, one of the behaviors that one may immediately see is Stuxnet attempting to access a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) data block, DB890. This data block is actually added by Stuxnet itself, however, and is not originally part of the target system. Stuxnet monitors and writes …

34.000 Komputer di Indonesia Terinfeksi Stuxnet

JAKARTA, - Indonesia tercatat menjadi negara tertinggi kedua yang di dunia yang terinfeksi Stuxnet, malware (malicious software) alias program jahat jenis worm yang tengah merajalela di dunia saat ini. Demikian hasil analisis Kaspersky Lab, pengembang solusi keamanan terkemuka yang berpusat di Rusia.

Stuxnet, sebuah worm komputer Windows spesifik pertama kali ditemukan pada bulan Juni 2010 oleh sebuah perusahaan keamanan yang berasal dari Belarus. Worm ini menjadi terkenal karena merupakan worm pertama yang memata-matai dan memprogram ulang sistem industri. Belakangan ini, serangan worm Stuxnet telah menimbulkan banyak spekulasi dan diskusi mengenai maksud dan tujuan, asal, dan – yang terpenting - identitas dari penyerang dan targetnya.

Kaspersky Lab belum melihat cukup bukti untuk mengidentifikasi penyerang atau targetnya, tetapi Kaspersky dapat mengkonfirmasikan bahwa ini adalah satu-satunya serangan malware canggih yang didukung dengan biaya besar, tim peny…

Mengenal Stuxnet Lebih Dekat (Becarefull VIRUS on SCADA!!!)

JAKARTA, - Sebuah virus komputer yang dirancang untuk menyerang sistem industri muncul secara luas. Fasilitas nuklir di Iran diduga salah satu target serangan virus tersebut. Hal tersebut mengindikasikan adanya campur tangan suatu negara atau lembaga berdana besar untuk menyusup sistem keamanan nasional negara lain.

Stuxnet disebut-sebut para pakar keamanan sebagai bentuk senjata cyber yang menjadi sarana terorisme di dunia maya. Serangannya tidak hanya mencuri informasi di komputer korban, namun mengambil alih sistem kontrol berbasis mesin.

Sampai saat ini belum diketahui siapa di balik Stuxnet ini. Berikut adalah beberapa informasi mengenai sepak terjang Stuxnet.

Bagaimana Stuxnet Bekerja?

- Virus itu adalah perangkat lunak berbahaya, atau malware, yang umumnya menyerang sistem kontrol industri yang dibuat oleh perusahaan Jerman, Siemens. Para ahli mengatakan virus tersebut dapat digunakan untuk mata-mata atau sabotase.
- Siemens mengatakan malware menyebar m…