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Written by Kang Abu on 3:32 PM

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Free Ebooks - Engineering Books

Written by Kang Abu on 2:52 PM

Robot builder Cookbook




Industrial Power Systems

2008 | 10MB

Siemens STEP Book PDF File Downloads

Written by Kang Abu on 2:48 PM

Introductory Courses

Motors & Control Courses Power Distribution Courses

Manual Book - Intouch 10, Instruments Handbook, WinCC

Written by Kang Abu on 1:56 PM

Berikut ini beberapa links yang bisa anda download. Silahkan download dengan mengklik links dibawah ini. Please check on links address below, if you want to download. I got this documents from

  1. Training Manual for Wonderware Intouch 10. Click Here!
  2. Process Industrial Instruments and Control Handbooks. Click Here!
  3. Siemens WinCC Grapich Designer. Click Here!
Selamat mendownload, semoga bermanfaat.

I hope this document is useful... Thanks...

Quick Setup of PLC5 Ethernet Connection

Written by Kang Abu on 1:51 PM


These are some notes on how to quickly setup a simple network for use with a PLC-5 Ethernet
processor. Setup of a SLC5/05 is similar, except that a transceiver is not required.

The following hardware/software was used:

Allen-Bradley PLC5-40E

CentreCOM 210TS 10 Transceiver

Allen-Bradley RSLinx (Lite or better), Version 2.30.01

Allen-Bradley RSLogix5, Version 5.00.01

Microsoft Excel 2000

Step 1 - Physically Connect PLC5 to Network

The first step is to physically connect the PLC5 to your network. On the PLC5-40/E, the ethernet port is channel 2 and is also referred to as the AUI port. It is a 15-pin, female D-shell connection. My existing network is a 10 MPS thin net setup with several hubs connecting to a router. To go from the 15-pin connection on the PLC to the RJ-45 modular connection on the hub, a twisted pair transceiver (also called a MAU, medium access unit) is required. I used a CetreCOM 210TS that I bought for $10 on the internet. This plugs into the port on the PLC and a standard modular CAT 5 cable was used to connect this to the hub.

Step 2 - Setup PLC's Communications Parameters with RSLogix5

Start up RSLogix and connect to the processor using the DH+ and DH485 (serial port) connection. Double click on "Channel Configuration" under "Controller". Click on the "Channel 2" tab to reveal the parameters for the ethernet port. For a simple network (no subnets), the only parameters that are important are the IP address and the link ID number. Make sure that the "BOOTP Enabled" check box is not checked and enter the desired IP address. Enter an unused link ID number. The rest of the parameters can be left at their default values.

Step 3 - Verify the Physical Connection

This is an optional step to verify the physical link. You can skip this step if you're confident of your connection. From a computer on the same network as the PLC, ping the PLC's address. If everything is hooked up right, you will get an answer for each ping. You can use the DOS ping.exe program found in the "windows" directory or download a Windows-based ping program such as Alchemy Lab's Ping 1.0.

Step 4 - Setup RSLinx

Start up RSLinx (Lite or higher) and and go to Communications --> Configure Drivers. Then under the "available Drivers" list, select "Ethernet devices" and click on "AddNew". I usually use the default name. When the "Station mapping" window pops up, in the "Station" field, enter the same ID number you entered in RSLogix5. In the Host Name field, enter the same IP address as you entered in RSLogix5. Then hit the "Apply" button and you should be good to go.

Step 5 - Test the Connection

To test the connection, in RSLinx, go to Communications-->RSWho. Double click the ethernet connection and your PLC should show up. To go online, in RSLogix , go to Comms-->Who Active Go Online and select the PLC under the ethernet connection. Programming can be done using RSLinx Lite or better.

Dirgahayu Indonesia Ke 64 - (17 Agustus 1945 - 2009)

Written by Kang Abu on 8:22 PM

Dirgahayu Republik Indonesia Yang Ke 64
17 Agustus 1945 - 17 Agustus 2009

"Sekali Merdeka Tetap Merdeka!!"

Dengan semangat hari kemerdekaan RI, mari terus kita tingkatkan kemampuan dan pengabdian diri untuk berbuat yang terbaik bagi nusa dan bangsa.

Repost: Omron PLC for Beginner

Written by Kang Abu on 11:48 AM

Bagi anda yang ingin belajar PLC Omron, ini saya dapet buku sangat bagus untuk di praktek kan. Banyak contoh aplikasi program dalam buku ini. Bagi yang berminat silahkan download.

Untuk Download silahkan KLIK DISINI!

Untuk Melihat Isi dari buku ini silahkan klik:

Content 1.
Content 2.
Content 3.


PLC Beginner Guide

Omron CX-ONE Sofware Download

Written by Kang Abu on 11:32 AM

Hunting di dengan kata kunci Omron, secara kebetulan menemukan link software CX-ONE Omron untuk di download. Ada yang mau?

Silahkan Klik Disini (Click Here For Download)

I have suggestion if you're working for bussiness, please buy this software from Official Omron. Thanks.

Bagi yang buat kepengen belajar, silahkan saja di Unduh... Semoga bermanfaat

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1

Written by Kang Abu on 10:26 AM

Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 now supports Windows Vista SP1, Windows XP SP3, among other new features. You can use it to run other operating systems without modifying your hard disks or current installation of Windows.

Here’s a description from Microsoft:

Virtual PC lets you create separate virtual machines on your Windows desktop, each of which virtualizes the hardware of a complete physical computer. Use virtual machines to run operating systems such as MS-DOS, Windows, and OS/2. You can run multiple operating systems at once on a single physical computer and switch between them as easily as switching applications—instantly, with a mouse click. Virtual PC is perfect for any scenario in which you need to support multiple operating systems, whether you use it for tech support, legacy application support, training, or just for consolidating physical computers.

You can even download virtual hard disks (VHD) from Microsoft to try them on Virtual PC 2007. As far as i remember, there are Windows Vista VHD, Office 2007 and Visual Studio 2008.

So, if you are among the people who haven’t tried Vista yet, now is the time to do so.

Check the system requirements to make sure you can run it.

"For Automation System such as HMI/SCADA testing, it will be better if use Virtual PC. It will help a lot before you create on Real PC. Especially for system integrator Virtual PC is solution to make test platform and test some configuration".
Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Screenshot

Info Website Download Download

OMRON's PLC-based Process Control

Written by Kang Abu on 5:46 PM

"OMRON's PLC-based Process Control = Smart Monitor and Control"

General-purpose PLCs provide everything from simple loop control to advanced process control to meet customer needs


Omron has taken its wealth of technical know-how in factory automation and process control technology to create this PLC-based Process Control for Hybrid Process Control.



Omron's Analog Process Control 3 Key Features: Downsizing, Easy Engineering and High Reliability.



One-Stop Solution


Omron provides Built-in Loop Controller (BLC) - CJ1 Series CPU with built-in loop controller that is best-suited for small-scale sophisticated process control up to a maximum of 150 loops.


For a large-scale control process of 250 loops, Omron recommends Hybrid-Process System (HPS) - CS1 Series CS1W-LC[][]1.


Product solutions for Built-in Loop Control and also Hybrid Process System.




Built-in Loop Controller


Built-in Loop Controller combines the Sequence Control Engines and Loop Control Engine into one and integrated with the NS touch panel. A mini batch on control system can be released, and data trending and data logging can be viewed and monitored from the Touch Panel.


Easy integration using Built-in Loop Controller



Hybrid Process System


Omron Hybrid Process System combines the benefits of the PLC and the ease of programming of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) into one. With the benefits of the PLC, flexibility and scalability of the system can be realized. Besides that, with the ease of the sequencing programming for DCS, development of control becomes easier. Thus, the Hybrid Process System simplifies the design, planning and implementation, and reduces the engineering time.


To meet user needs, simple tools are provided to users for easier integration of GUI monitoring and control system.  Tags can be generated and use for GUI monitoring and control.


Omron provides CX-Process Monitor Plus, a simple monitoring and control software to simplify data trending and process control. With the integration of CX-Process Monitor Plus or SCADA and HMI, operation control and monitoring becomes simple, and complexity in maintenance is no longer an issue.


Interaction between CX-Process Monitor Plus with PLC, HMI and SCADA System.


For more controls, NS series touch panel and SCADA system can be integrated. For process control that requires redundancy system, Omron SYSMAC CS1D can be applied. With Hybrid Process System, a low-cost DCS system can be realized.


OMRON's Solution for Analog Process Control

Written by Kang Abu on 5:44 PM

Omron provides a wide range of different products suitable for different analog process control, ranging from simple, single-loop control to complex, multiple-loop control.


This graph illustrates Omron analog process control product range from small system scale to large scale, versus simple functionality to advanced functionality.


Note: Click on the products for more details.


For applications which require simple distributed control, Omron's Temperature Controller and Digital Panel Meter will be able to fulfill your application needs.


For simple multiple-loop process, Modular Temperature Controller E5ZN will be able to control simple process up to 32 loops.


For sophisticated multiple-loop process, digital process controller E5[]R series and PLC-Based Process Controller will be most suitable for your application.


PLC Voting

Written by Kang Abu on 5:25 PM

Below is the result for PLC Used Voting in Indonesia. This just vote on my Blog. Maybe if you're PLC maker is necessary to know it. Thanks.

SIMATIC WinCC flexible Engineering SW Highest configuration efficiency

Written by Kang Abu on 10:59 PM

Configuration Tools

Simple and convenient user interface

When using WinCC flexible Engineering Software you carry out configuration using up to 32 screen layers. For configuring the screens, you have available convenient functions for zooming in and out, for rotating and aligning objects, as well as a range of intelligent tools.

Using the Project Wizard, for example, you can create a basic project, including navigation and system screens, using just a few user default settings. The system uses dialogs to navigate you through to choose the desired objects and to create the project at the push of a button..

Fig. Selecting Hardware componets of a project using the project wizzard

Graphic configuration makes it easier to carry out complex configuration tasks like defining motion paths or creating screen navigation.
Screenshot: Graphic configuration of a motion path with WinCC flexible ES
Fig. Graphic configuration of a motion path with WinCC flexible ES

Table-based editors make it easier to create and edit objects of the same type, e.g. for variables, texts or messages

Convenient find and replace functions allow you to carry out a project- wide search for objects, to carry out central rewiring of variables and to find and replace texts. Apart from this, the cross reference list gives you direct access to all the objects in the project.

Handling graphics in different formats is much easier. Using a graphics browser, you can display supplied graphics and your own pictures, process them and integrate them in a project screen using Drag & Drop. If you want to process the image, the system automatically starts the associated external editor.


Faceplate technology

WinCC flexible has a large number of basic and enhanced objects and graphics that are scalable and can be dynamized;you can use these objects in your pictures. The Symbol Factory, for example, contains a large number of general and vertical market representations with different colour depths. Apart from this, you can combine project-specific faceplates from simple picture objects and store them in the library.
You can now use tags to interconnect the dynamic properties of a faceplate‘s picture elements, e.g. the design and visibility.
This means that at runtime you can, for example, hide and display individual components of the faceplate or of the complete faceplate in dependence on a tag value. You can carry out modifications in the entire project from one central location and the system then changes the module at the same time in all the screens of the project where it is used.

Fig. Interconnection dialog for faceplates

You can use faceplates without needing to invest a lot of time and effort in wiring, since they can be linked with structured data types. Each time you use the faceplate in a picture, you only need to configure one structure variable of the same data type on the faceplate to establish the complete link.



As standard, WinCC flexible offers a large number of dynamic options for objects. However,  if you want to be even more flexible, in projects with 270 Series Panels and above you have available VBScript, which is a powerful and easy to learn script language based on Visual Basic. You can immediately leverage your Visual Basic knowledge. The IntelliSense function allows you to quickly program accesses to runtime objects and to simply establish control sequences within the script. Script debugging is possible during engineering using the Simulator and, if required, at runtime.

Fig. Integrating scripts into the function list


Import- und Export functions

You can export any configured messages from a project to CSV files. These exported data can be expanded externally (with MS Excel, for example) and reimported in a project. Reuse reduces configuration effort for new projects. All properties of a message will be imported. A test routine ensures that there are no messages with the same message number in the target project. You can use the export-import function to exchange message texts that are to be set up in several languages with translators.
You can also export and import tag data. This way you can import tags from different control programs (Step 7, AllanBradley, etc.) in WinCC flexible projects. There are converters for the programming software of the major vendors (Rockwell RS Logix500, Modicon Telemecanique PL7, GE Fanuc VersaPro). These converters translate the vendor-specific formats into the Excel format so that all tag information can be imported to WinCC flexible at the touch of a button.

SIMATIC WinCC flexible Runtime- Software

Written by Kang Abu on 10:50 PM


Function overview

With SIMATIC HMI operator control and monitoring devices, the runtime software is on-board and, depending on the equipment‘s hardware, this gives you different HMI functionality and performance profiles. The runtime functionality can be expanded using options.  Some of the options are only available for Panels of a specific class and above, others are integrated to a certain extent.

As an independant software product SIMATIC WinCC flexible Runtime offers all the options needed for PC based HMI:
  • Functionality of basic Runtime Softtware
    • Operator functions,
    • Graphics and trend representations,
    • Alarm system,
    • Report and logging system,
  • Functionality of Runtime options
    • Archiving ,
    • Recipe management ,
    • OPC communication
    • Sm@rtClient/server concepts
    • Service & Diagnostics across the Web
    • Logging and tracking of operator actions ,
    • Process diagnostics

Due to its individually scalable system functionality, with WinCC flexible you only pay for the functionality that you need to solve your current HMI task. You can also flexibly extend the runtime functionality at any time using Visual Basic scripts.


Screenshot: Anlagenschaubild  unter WinCC flexible Runtime

User interface

In WinCC flexible, the system carries out visualization by means of a Windows-conformant user interface that is composed of parameterizable screen objects and screens that you create on a project-specific basis:
  • Static text and graphics display as well as vector graphics
  • Graphics displays for different standard graphics formats, e.g. bmp, .jpg, .wmf 
  • Pushbuttons and switches for process operation 
  • Date/time fields 
  • Numeric and alphanumeric input/ output fields
  • Symbolic and graphic input/output fields
  • Dynamizable graphics from the SIMATIC HMI symbol library
  • Bar charts, analog display, sliders 
  • Trend graphics with paging and zoom functions and cursor line 
  • Alarm displays with operator controls 
  • Technological screen modules created from basic system objects

Screenshot eines Runtime Bildschirms aus einer Applikation der Fa. SMS Automation

Alarms and logging system

Alarms and messages

The system generates messages in WinCC flexible in three ways:

  • Bit messages,
  • Analog messages
  • Messages via message frame alarm procedure Alarm_S/Alarm_D with SIMATIC S7

Using freely defi nable message classes, you can determine the acknowledgement response and the representation of the alarm events.


In WinCC flexible, you can output logs or reports on a time- or event-driven basis. In this context, you can design the layout in any way you like.


User administration

Even the basic system guarantees access protection which means that only authorized personnel have access within the scope of their responsibility at the operator panel. In this context, each user is assigned to a user group with defined function privileges.
This prevents unauthorized users from changing recipes or starting process steps without permission, for example.
Apart from this,  two-component authorization comprising a user ID and password, password aging (to ensure that passwords are renewed on a regular basis), blocking users by the administrator and automatic logout if users are inactive for a relatively long period of time are additional system functions that ensure high quality standards in production.
With WinCC flexible 2008 new functions have been added:

  • Adjustable number of invalid login attempts
  • Optionally, the login can be reduced to just the password
  • Hierarchical authorizations among the administrators
  • Individual groups can be excluded from the password aging
  • Hidden password entry

SIMATIC WinCC flexible Runtime Software

Written by Kang Abu on 12:20 PM

Download Wonderware Software from FTP

Written by Kang Abu on 4:54 PM

If you want Wondeware software. You can check on

For trial and update.. please download it.

Silahkan download software Wonderware asli dari FTP Wonderware.

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