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LOGO! 8 - High performance at a low price

New features • Eight devices with an onboard Industrial Ethernet interface in a space-saving design (4 MW)  • Crystal-clear display with six lines and three selectable background colors  • Optional LOGO! CMR2020 and CMR2040 communication module  • Integrated web server for hassle-free programming via remote control, IWLAN, or the Internet

High performance at a low price Compared with its predecessor, LOGO! 0BA7, the innovated LOGO! 8 logic module offers more functionality in its spacesaving design of only 4 MW, at lower costs. Eight basic devices with and without display and for different voltage ranges have the same range of functions, which makes it very easy to choose the required version. Externally, the crystalclear, perfectly readable display, which now features six lines with 16 characters each, catches the eye. The user now benefits from twice as many characters per notification than before, as well as three interchangeable background colors. For greater visualization demands, …

Simatic ET 200SP CPU / ET 200SP Open Controller

Compact controllers for distributed applicationsThe new Simatic ET 200SP CPU Distributed Controller is a modular distributed controller that is compact and flexible. Thanks to its compact design, it requires little space in the control cabinet. Because it has the same storage systems, volumes, and features as the Simatic S7-1511 and S7-1513 CPUs, customer programs with varying design types can be used. Three Industrial Ethernet ports with variable bus adapters (RJ45, FC, SCRJ) have been integrated for flexible bus connection. Option handling in the central configuration also makes it possible to flexibly retrofit options without engineering effort. 

The distributed controller series is rounded off with the first 1510SP F CPU and 1512SP F CPU for modular and failsafe automation. This makes it possible to implement standard and failsafe applications using one controller in the ET 200SP. Another benefit is its high investment protection, because once a user program has been developed, TIA…