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RSWHO Failed to show - RsLinx

If you got the problem on the RSLogix 5000 and RsLinxClassic cannot open the RSWHO.
The message appear if you click the button on the RSLogix 5000:

I get this popup whenever I open RSLinx Classic Lite.
If it matters/helps it's Revision: CPR 9 SR1

Need register file C:\Program Files\Rockwell Software\RSCommon\RSOBSERVE.EXE

How to solve this problem:
1. On the computer click Start-->Settings-->ControlPanel-->AdministrativeTools

2. Next, double click on Services

3. Look for Harmony in the Services list. Double click on
Harmony and then click on the down arrow and change Harmonys
Startup Type from Disable to Manual

Good Luck!!