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Energy Efficiency: The Secret to Sustainable Machines

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The focus for machine design is no longer simply maintaining acceptable production rates at an appropriate level of quality. Automation professionals are now deploying technologies in clever ways to improve the energy efficiency of their automated machinery. Because their company invests in both, this group of machine designers was able to specify smaller motors and recover otherwise wasted energy on the new high-speed beverage palletizing machine that they had developed recently. Because of these and other efficiencies, the new machine now has a cycle time that is 15 percent to 20 percent faster than its predecessors, and consumes about 20 percent less energy. These engineers have discovered what a growing number of their colleagues in other companies are finding: automation vendors have not only developed energy-efficient technology, but have also acquired substantial expertise in deploying it. Both this technology and expertise can be quite helpful to ma…


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Save time in development using digital/analog I/O faceplates or any one of the more complex device, network or application faceplates with premier device integration | Learn moreIntegrated Architecture Brozine - Page 6 [10MB PDF]
Promote design efficiencies like reusability, improved quality and reduced engineering time with modular programming | Learn moreIntegrated Architecture Brozine - Page 52 [10MB PDF]
Globally deploy a single project file that's viewable in each user's native language with multilingual software and project documentation with language switching | Learn moreRSLogix 5000 Product Profile - Page 12 [21MB PDF]
Reduce development and commissioning time by eliminating the need to design/manage addressing allocation with tag-based addressing | Learn moreIntegrated Architecture Brozine - Page 6 [10MB PDF]
Save engineering time by creating your own reusable AOIs with custom AOIs | Learn moreRSLogix 5000 Product Profile - …

STEP 7 Hardware Support Packages (HSPs - as at 03/2011) for installing hardware updates in the Hardware Configuration

DescriptionAttached are the latest Hardware Support Packages for STEP 7 ready for downloading.
The Hardware Support Packages will permit you to configure modules that are not contained in the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation.
As from STEP 7 V5.2 you have the option of updating the hardware catalog via the Hardware Support Packages. How to update the hardware catalog of your STEP 7 installation using this download is described in Entry ID: 22374877 . You obtain a list of the Hardware Support Packages contained in the download by first downloading the "" file. You then unpack the Zip file and open the "HSP_Viewer.html" file contained in it with your Internet browser.
Fig. 01 You can change the language directly in the opened HSP viewer.
Fig. 02
ContentsDownload Download of the Hardware Support Packages ( 19195 KB )
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Service Pack 4 (SP4) for SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0

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Service Pack 4(SP4) for SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0 has been released for delivery. It will be included on the DVD of STEP 7 V5.4 SP4, as well as on the STEP 7 Professional 2006 SR5 DVD. It is also available for free downloading via the Internet. The SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On software package enables STEP 7 users to create PROFINET components without having to install SIMATIC iMap. What’s NEW in Service Pack 4? SIMATIC iMap STEP 7 Add-On V3.0 SP4 provides the following new features: ·Improved PROFINET CBA consistency check with display of the results in a separate window. Context aids are available for the error messages or warnings. ·Composed data types which can include additional composed data types, e.g. multidimensional arrays and structures of arrays and structures, are supported for devices with PROFINET runtime version V2.3 and higher. This functionality can only be used in conjunction with SIMATIC iMap V3.0 SP1. Version numbers for functions can be specified…