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  • Save time in development using digital/analog I/O faceplates or any one of the more complex device, network or application faceplates with premier device integration | Learn more

  • Promote design efficiencies like reusability, improved quality and reduced engineering time with modular programming | Learn more

  • Globally deploy a single project file that's viewable in each user's native language with multilingual software and project documentation with language switching | Learn more

  • Reduce development and commissioning time by eliminating the need to design/manage addressing allocation with tag-based addressing | Learn more

  • Save engineering time by creating your own reusable AOIs with custom AOIs | Learn more

  • Promote consistency between projects when you reuse common algorithms with custom AOIs | Learn more

  • Simplify debugging by using animated data values from a specific instance of an AOI with custom AOIs | Learn more

  • Add, edit, or replace programs, routines and AOIs while the system is running without affecting production with runtime partial import | Learn more

  • Deploy changes or additions developed and tested offline to a running system with runtime partial import | Learn more

  • Administer security centrally based on users, groups and/or controllers, allow viewing of routines while preventing modification with security/protection of intellectual property | Learn more

  • Apply source protection | Learn more

  • Help to program applications difficult to control with traditional PID instructions with advanced process control function block instructions | Learn more

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