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Configuring InTouch to Communicate with Oracle7

This is older tutorial.. but sometime need to learn the old version. Please read more in detail.

Free Software Download from Rockwell


Reduce the risk of system migrations

An integrator experienced in quick wiring adapter tools can provide time- and cost-savings, and thus reduce downtime and risk.Step 1 - Observe all safety rules and turn off all power sources to the rack and legacy I/O modules. Remove all electrical power from the rack and all non-I/O modulesMigration step by step
Photos depict a stepped process of migrating from a legacy I/O module to a new I/O module. (The legacy module in this case is the Schneider Electric SY/Max I/O; the new module is the Schneider Electric Quantom I/O.)
Industrial facility managers understand the need for progress. Continually updating programmable logic control (PLC) systems can help facilities be more efficient, accommodate evolving needs, and better meet customer requests and deadlines. But an upgrade project is also one fraught with risk when it gets underway, and even after it is complete.
Step 2 - Remove all terminal blocks from legacy I/O modulesOne of the main reasons is downtime. When it come…

The automation of the largest and fastest machine in the world

When the largest particle accelerator ever built becomes operational at CERN, the nuclear research centre in Geneva, physicists hope to gain new insight into matter and what holds it together. The accelerator and its safety will be controlled and monitored by 130 control systems featuring ‘hardened’ automation technology from Siemens.The underground circular track of the LHC, 27 km in lengthOver 10,000 people from around 60 countries have participated in the realisation of perhaps the most important project in basic research, the particle accelerator (Large Hadron Collider, or LHC) at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, CERN. The LHC is built in a circular tunnel, 27 km in circumference and 50 to 150 metres underground, extending from Lake Geneva to the French Jura.
When the accelerator becomes operational, two proton beams will be fired in opposite directions and brought to collision in multiple collision detector chambers. Scientists estimate there will be a…

Allen Bradley SMC-3 with DeviceNet (Soft Starter Motor)

Image via Wikipedia Softstarters in Networked EnvironmentThe SMC-3 can interface with a controller on a DeviceNet™ network using the DeviceNet Starter Auxiliary (DSA), 100-DNY. With DeviceLogix™ technology embedded in the DSA module, the softstarter’s functionality is increased with some computational power and is able to perform simple control functions such as boolean logic execution, signal conditioning, event detection, and alarming.
Motor Management — Total control, complete flexibilityMotors are the modern-day workhorses of today’s demanding industrial automation environments. With today's multitude of applications it is important to optimise the operation and protection of the motors used within a process. With a modular and flexible motor management program, Rockwell Automation offers you a wide range of control, switching, protection, and starting devices. The latter is now further enhanced with the addition of the SMC-3.

For download manual Please Click Here! (R…

Introduction to ControlNet with ControlLogix Hands-On Lab

Image via Wikipedia In this lab you will see ControlNet's determinism in action and learn how to configure and collect data without impacting I/O communications. You'll configure applications and set performance times for time-critical I/O. You will learn to configure the network using off-line tools to improve network performance. Also included is a discussion of redundant media and intrinsically safe systems using ControlNet.

What You Will Accomplish In This Lab
As you complete the exercises in this hands-on session, you will:
• Understand when to use ControlNet
• Determine what kinds of communication you would perform on ControlNet, including Controlling I/O, Configuring devices, collecting data, peer-to-peer interlocking and more.
• Configure basic network settings
• Configure devices over the network
• Control analog and discrete I/O over the network
You’ll accomplish each of these tasks using a 1756-L63 ControlLogix controller and a 1769-L35CR CompactLogix controller.

For …

Configuring EtherMeter™–CompactLogix Communications Using EtherNet/IP

Image via Wikipedia The purpose of this document is to provide assistance to the Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC user who wishesto connect to an EtherMeter using theEtherNet/IP™protocol. This document assumes that the user is well‐versed in CompactLogix PLC’s and the RsLogix 5000 Programming Environment. When creatinganEtherNet/IP™ client/server connection between an Allen Bradley CompactLogixPLC(client)and an EtherMeter™ (server), no specialsetup is generally required withintheEtherMeter’s Setup Menu. The EtherMeterfeatures an“always‐on” EtherNet/IP™server on TCP logical port44818; and itisconfigured to auto‐detect and service incoming client requests from CompactLogix PLC’s. To simplify integration into an EtherNet/IP network, the EtherMeter emulates aSLC/500 series PLC. In thissample application, the CompactLogixPLC’s usedincluded aModel 1769‐L32E with integratedEthernetand aModel 1768‐L43 withan attached 1768‐ENBT/A EtherNet/IPBridge Module.  BothCompactLogix processors were flashed w…

Programming Manual - Logix5000 Controllers Ladder Diagram

Image via Wikipedia This manual shows how to program Logix5000 controllers with the relay
ladder programming language. This manual is one of a set of related manuals
that show common procedures for programming and operating Logix5000
controllers. For a complete list of common procedures manuals, see the Logix
5000 Controllers Common Procedures Programming Manual, publication

The term Logix5000 controller refers to any controller that is based on the
Logix5000 operating system, such as:
• CompactLogix controllers
• ControlLogix controllers
• DriveLogix controllers
• FlexLogix controllers
• SoftLogix5800 controllers

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How to use MULTIMETER (Basic Knowledge for Electrician or Automation)

Below is videos talking about how to use Multimeter. It's very important even if only basic but always use this tools during we do commissioning or test the circuit. How to use it? Please watch videos below.

PLC Application Samples (Videos)

Please see on videos just make us more understanding about PLC.

Siemens Premium Studio 2009

Image via Wikipedia Premium Studio 2009 provides you with the most important software packages for engineering and runtime for SIMATIC S7/C7, SIMATIC HMI, SIMATIC NET, SINUMERIK und SIMOTION on four data carriers (DVDs). The user can select general settings (e.g. languages for installation, installation path, etc.) and the software packages he requires via a setup specially created for Premium Studio. The installation is then performed automatically (silent), i.e. no further user activities are required. Premium Studio thus provides a significant time and money saving with the installation and maintenance of the software packages. No licenses are included with Premium Studio. For productive operation of the installed software products the user can either use his existing licenses of the versions in question or he must purchase new licenses. Premium Studio 2009 is now available for delivery. 

Product information
Premium Studio will significantly reduce the time and expenses …