Allen Bradley SMC-3 with DeviceNet (Soft Starter Motor)

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Softstarters in Networked Environment

The SMC-3 can interface with a controller on a DeviceNet™ network using the DeviceNet Starter Auxiliary (DSA), 100-DNY. With DeviceLogix™ technology embedded in the DSA module, the softstarter’s functionality is increased with some computational power and is able to perform simple control functions such as boolean logic execution, signal conditioning, event detection, and alarming.

Motor Management — Total control, complete flexibility

Motors are the modern-day workhorses of today’s demanding industrial automation environments. With today's multitude of applications it is important to optimise the operation and protection of the motors used within a process. With a modular and flexible motor management program, Rockwell Automation offers you a wide range of control, switching, protection, and starting devices. The latter is now further enhanced with the addition of the SMC-3.

For download manual Please Click Here! (Right Click and Save AS).

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