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Industrial Wire Management & Organized Wiring Systems

Structured cabling in commercial buildings based on TIA/EIA standards has become a common practice in many building automation system applications. Panduit is promoting similar approaches for industrial automation. Jeff Paliga of Panduit answered the following questions about their approach. Why does Panduit think there is a wiring management need for industrial automation? The growing number of automation devices connected via Ethernet, is significantly complicating wire management requirements across a plant or facility, forcing manufacturers to change their approach to the planning, design, and installation of a network infrastructure. Without a good network management strategy in place, customers are at risk for unplanned downtime, inefficient maintenance, longer repair times, unreliable performance in harsh industrial applications, and loss of interoperability. How does Panduit specifically help customers improve network efficiency? Panduit Industrial Automation Solutions…

Satellite systems control Spanish wind farms

Iberdrola Renovables says it is a world leader in electricity production from renewable sources. From its operations centre at Toledo, 70 km south of Madrid, it controls ten wind farms that total 9,600 MW. The communications link is provided by a private satellite network.
Previously each wind farm was monitored from one local SCADA station by telephone. All the required data were saved to disk which was then passed to whoever did the data recording.
To modernise the operation, the company chose Paris-based ARC Informatique´s OPC-based client-server SCADA software, PcVue, and several FrontVue light clients.
The main objective of the project was to gather information from the wind farms, especially alarms and historical data. The control system at each site samples the main operational data from the generators and the various substations. The operations centre uses these data to identify and diagnose potential problems and so to intervene to effect a solution.

Invensys launches new SCADA and EMI software

Invensys Operations Management has launched its InFusion SCADA 2.0 software system, with Foxboro® SCD2100 and SCD2200 remote terminal units for oil and gas and water and wastewater applications. The company has also introduced its Wonderware® Intelligence Software 1.0 solution, which it calls an “enterprise manufacturing intelligence (EMI) solution.”The SCD2200 RTU is a larger modular station for more complex applications, which may require central stations and redundancy.SCADA systems technology is used to optimise real-time monitoring, data acquisition, communications and control for geographically distributed industrial operations, especially those in which data collection and transmission might be subject to unintended interruptions.
Chris Smith, SCADA product manager, says the new offer draws on the company’s 40 plus years of SCADA heritage and includes some of the industry’s most advanced integration, interface and control technology capabilities.
“Robust, reliab…

Free software developed to help with ATEX and DSEAR design and verification

A range of free software has been developed by ExVeritas to assist people involved in the design or verification of ATEX and IEC products or sites with explosive atmospheres. The software runs ‘on line’ or can be downloaded as a desktop application under Windows.The software will also run as an iPhone/iTouch Web Application. Currently the software includes:

ATEX and IEC Flammable Properties Application: This application allows the user to select from several hundred common flammable substances to determine the physical properties that may be required for ATEX or IEC equipment selection or area classification. You would need 30+ A2 ATEX Posters to hold this much information!

ATEX and IEC Intrinsic Safety Circuit Evaluation Application: This application gives an indication of the maximum safe voltage, current, capacitance and inductance to use when designing a circuit to be energy limited or Intrinsically Safe

ATEX and IEC Flameproof Design App…

Prosoft: High Speed Wireless Communication Module for Rockwell

Image by mightyohm via Flickr age via Wikipedia MVI56-WA-PWPThe MVI56-WA-PWP Wireless Gateway creates a powerful wireless connection between devices located remotely, and the MVI56-WA-PWP in a ControlLogix rack.

Features and BenefitsProSoft Wireless Protocol (PWP) offers versatility where a mix of control devices requires cooperation with each other. This involves sharing of information across the applications regardless of device or network type, often at high speed. Wireless bandwidth utilization is optimized by using efficient communication methods. The protocol supports Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast group messaging. Efficiency is based on the fact each device on the "wireless" network can produce these types of messages and each device determines which of these messages to consume.

Applications The module offers one-to-one or one-to-many wireless connection scenarios. Data is exchanged between devices and/or networks using an efficient but powerful wireless…

New DCS for the Power Industry, the Siemens SPPA-T3000

Image via Wikipedia By Bill Lydon - Editor I recently visited Siemens Energy’s Instrumentation, Controls, and Electrical group to learn more about the SPPA-T3000 system and how customers are using it.  Mike Korf, Director of Sales & Marketing for Siemens I&C, set stage with a discussion about Siemens involvement in the power industry. Korf elaborated on the products they offer for planning, construction, service, optimization, modernization, and life time extension for power systems.  The group’s product offerings include SPPA-T3000 Control System, SPPA-D3000 Diagnostic Suite, SPPA-E3000 IEC 61850 Electrical Solutions, SPPA-P3000 Process Optimization Software, SPPA-M3000 Energy Management Software, SPPA-R3000 Turbine Controls, and SPPA-S3000 Simulator. Korf clearly defined this group’s role, “if it makes megawatts, this organization takes care of it.” Korf noted the wide range of applications including: waste incineration plants, wind power plants, nuclear power plan…

Advanced HMI - The Free HMI / SCADA Development Package

Use freely available software to develop an HMI that works with Allen Bradley SLC500 and MicroLogix. Don't miss the Advanced HMI project that extends this driver by adding some very nice graphical controls. It can be found at:  or

Using Visual Basic 2008 and these controls, you can easily build a superior eye catching HMI. Includes DF1 serial and Ethernet/IP driver for Allen Bradley SLC and Micrologix PLC. You can directly access the driver to perform about any task in code. Free Download.

PLC Videos Basic

Buat mahasiswa atau kita" yang ingin mengetahui aplikasi PLC, silahkan lihat di video di bawah ini.

New control platform with motion control for wafer handling

Software standards make the change of hardware platforms easierNowadays the choice of a suitable hardware platform for a machine control is not an ever lasting decision and change over time can be needed. There may be many different reasons for such a change in controller platform. Sometimes, economical considerations are decisive for instance to move from a PC-based controller platform to an embedded version: after a number of machines of the same series the machine becomes more a commodity and a customized embedded controller can be a more economical hardware solution for the future. Even though the first series have been realized with standard controllers, the long-term competitiveness requires a change of the hardware over time. Often there are functional and technical aspects that are decisive for a change of controller hardware: previous controller variants quickly re…

Tevopharm introduces Packaging Machine with PLCopen Motion Control inside.

Tevopharm BV, The Netherlands, developed a new packaging machine, which is completely based on IEC 61131-3 and the PLCopen Motion Control Specification for logic and motion control. This certainly can be seen as a proof of concept. This article describes the origin, the implementation, and the benefits.

1.1. Introduction into Tevopharm TevopharmB.V. was founded in 1959 in Schiedam, The Netherlands. With a crucial patent in flow-wrapping, it quickly became a large manufacturer of high quality horizontal bag form, fill and seal machines for packaging of chocolate and bar products, biscuits, candies and pharmaceutical products. Their PACK-6 flow wrapper was seen by the market a as a de-facto standard.

In 1985 it became Klöckner Tevopharm, and in 2003 it was taken over by Bosch.

The Dutch company has about 175 employees generating annual sales of approximately 30 million Euros. With over 5,000 flow wrapper machines sold, it is worldwide active, with approximate tu…

Herkules: control expertise for roll grinders packed into software

TwinCAT ensures the perfect finish The Herkules machine factory in Siegen, Germany, has been developing and manufacturing roll grinders for almost 100 years and is regarded as the worldwide market leader in this important supply segment for the steel industry. Since the year 2000, Herkules has been using Beckhoff control technology and automation components, which are programmed and implemented by its subsidiary HCC KPM Electronics for various types of plants and machinery. Herkules implemented a particularly demanding project with the delivery of a complete rolling workshop for the Chinese steel company Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation (WISCO). The rolling workshop, also known as a roll shop, consists of a total of four roll grinders, two semiportal cranes for loading and unloading the roll grinders (loader) as well as the Roll Shop Management System (RSMS). In the …