Free software developed to help with ATEX and DSEAR design and verification

A range of free software has been developed by ExVeritas to assist people involved in the design or verification of ATEX and IEC products or sites with explosive atmospheres. The software runs ‘on line’ or can be downloaded as a desktop application under Windows.

Free software to help with ATEX and DSEAR design and verificationThe software will also run as an iPhone/iTouch Web Application. Currently the software includes:

ATEX and IEC Flammable Properties Application: This application allows the user to select from several hundred common flammable substances to determine the physical properties that may be required for ATEX or IEC equipment selection or area classification. You would need 30+ A2 ATEX Posters to hold this much information!

ATEX and IEC Intrinsic Safety Circuit Evaluation Application: This application gives an indication of the maximum safe voltage, current, capacitance and inductance to use when designing a circuit to be energy limited or Intrinsically Safe

ATEX and IEC Flameproof Design Application: This application is designed to provide a designer or an inspector with an indication of the correct maximum safe gap for any selected Flamepath type.

Further applications will follow, including tools for area classification, SIL and risk assessment. The software can be run on line or downloaded from

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