Copa-Data's Chameleon puts "skins" on displays

April 1, 2010 - Copa-Data's zenon 6.50 with Chameleon technology provides skins that are easy to implement using centrally configurable and switchable color palettes.

Already a common feature of MP3 players and mobile phones, skins are now gaining ground in automation technology. Panels in automation equipment are subject to different conditions. Light, reflections, weak contrast and individual perception of colors play an often underestimated role, making information difficult to read and user elements unclear, which can lengthen reaction times and increase the likelihood of operation errors.

By having color schemes that can be switched at the press of a button, panels become easier and safer to operate. With the use of the zenon Chameleon Technology, users now have this ability. zenon Chameleon Technology facilitates centrally switchable color palettes. Every color for all objects can be adapted with one simple click. It can even be done automatically at log-in, during Runtime, or when configuring in the Editor.

Easily switchable color schemes make it easy to adapt displays to counter disturbing influences, such as direct sunlight, or different color perception, such as with red-green color blindness. At the same time, the zenon Chameleon Technology is the ideal tool for labeling different roles and modes. The user is immediately able to see what rights they are logged in with and can recognize at a glance if the project is running live or as a simulation.

COPA-DATA has prepared five initial skins for the for most common usage scenarios: "Administrator Mode" and "Simulation Mode" ensure clarity of role and mode, "Design" is trimmed down to usability, "Eagle Eye" ensures high contrast, and "Color Corrected" has been optimized for users with red-green color blindness. These skins can easily be integrated into zenon 6.50 as XML files and are all now available for download.

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