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Quality control system in food industry

Production and storage process in food industry are subjected to specific laws related to quality control; the quality control system based on the Winlog Pro software SCADA platform has been successfully applied in many sectors of food industry; actually it gives the possibility to comply with requested quality control criteria limiting both the investment cost and the production loss due to the installation of the system.
The system provides a continuous monitoring of all the significant variables of the process and generates quality control reports with graphical trends that certify the compliance of the production lot; the system also certifies that the storage process doesn't affect the quality of the stored product and doesn't cause any modification of the original characteristics. Any abnormal condition in the production or storage process is promptly detected and signalled with a local alarm; in case of unattended environment, a SMS can be se…

How Asset Management Saves in a Down Economy

Plant Asset Management systems let you squeeze more out of your industrial equipment by reducing unplanned stoppages and unnecessary maintenance tasks. Estimated savings in the U.S. could exceed $60 billion.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know something was going to break before it actually brought your production line to a grinding halt, killing productivity, throwing off schedules and possibly compromising delivery deadlines? Now think about how nice it would be to be able to put that precognition to use and apply a little predictive maintenance to not only keep things running smoothly, but to keep them that way for longer before having to replace expensive equipment.

This is the promise made by Plant Asset Management (PAM) systems.

PAM systems provide timely information to help maintenance and operations improve asset availability, reducing the time required to maintain equipment and optimizing their efficiency. PAM systems rely on a combination of diagnostic software and hard…

50th Anniversary of Sinumerik

When Siemens introduced Sinumerik in 1960 as the industry’s first numerical control (NC), customers immediately realized a dramatic improvement in their productivity and flexibility. These end user benefits helped put Siemens on the map and provided a foundation that helped vault the company to the pinnacle of the mechanical engineering industry. Now celebrating its 50th birthday, the latest evolution of Sinumerik still delivers customer value making it one of the longest serving brands in the world.
“Sinumerik has made Siemens the leader of technology and innovations in the CNC field for fifty years,” said Uwe Frank, CEO of Siemens Motion Control Systems. “It started with the first NC, then progressed through the CNC with a microprocessor to the first CNC-integrated safety solution. We’re continuing to invest specifically in research and development so that we can keep on writing this success story in the future.”
The first path control was developed on the basis of se…

Repost: Omron PLC for Beginner

Bagi anda yang ingin belajar PLC Omron, ini saya dapet buku sangat bagus untuk di praktek kan. Banyak contoh aplikasi program dalam buku ini. Bagi yang berminat silahkan download.

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