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OpenSCADA – The OpenSource SCADA System

Written by Kang Abu on 9:45 AM

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Scada systems are used for communication between software systems and the machines they control. The old monolithic Scada systems are being replaced by open, distributed environments, which provide a central overview of the whole system. Open protocols and network technology are applied to reduce costs while increasing quality and reliability of the system.

Scada systems are used for communication between software systems and the mashines they control. The old monolithic Scada systems are being replaced by open, distributed environments, which provide a central overview of the whole system. Open protocols and network technology are applied to reduce costs while increasing quality and reliability of the system.OpenSCADA® has taken this trend one step further: by providing an open SCADA platform, system limitation are overcome. This means OpenSCADA® is independent of technologies. Furthermore, integration is simple, it is highly configurable, meaning that creating a runtime environment is easy. The running system is readily extendible, and test and simulation environments are easily set up.

The Open Idea – Why OpenSCADA®?

The Open idea has several meanings in the OpenSCADA® Project:

Open architecture

Simple interfaces and a highly configurable environment enable quick development of a base system. Developed modules can be run and tested on the simulation system, which is also provided.

Open platform

OpenSCADA® is not limited to a certain Operating System (OS). The OS can be a system like Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Unix. You can chose the runtime Operating System independently.

Open development environment

OpenSCADA® is not limited to a development environment. Different projects are implemented in different environments, e. g. Java, C/C++, C#. By using the independent communication protocol, any programming language can be used to write OpenSCADA® components.

Open Source Code

Both the base modules and the extention modules are provided under the LGPL and GPL. The source code is open to everybody.

Please visit website OpenSCADA at

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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) at Mitchell Technical Institute

Written by Kang Abu on 1:33 PM

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Automation controls incorporating Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is emerging as one of the fastest expanding areas of industry today. MTIs state-of-the-art program teaches students to use computers to collect management data and to use automated systems. Industries are placing greater emphasis on remotely controlling switching devices, gathering accurate inventory data, managing the operation of electrical devices, measuring and metering electrical systems, and automating routine tasks.

Automation Control/SCADA technicians will find employment in electric power utilities, gas companies, water systems, security systems, and in industrial applications. Graduates will install and maintain remote switches and communication devices, or operate computer networks to control remote switches.


Computer Systems

Satellite Communications
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Written by Kang Abu on 1:25 PM

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RSView®32™ is an integrated, component-based HMI for monitoring and controlling automation machines and processes. RSView32 is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish. RSView32 expands your view with open technologies that provide unprecedented connectivity to other Rockwell Software products, Microsoft products, and third-party applications.

Solid Investment. Today. Tomorrow.

  • Excellent quality now and in the future
  • Continued support for a huge installed base
  • On-going engineering investment for supporting Microsoft Vista, Windows 2008, VMWare, and Future Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Continued support for Web Server, Active Display Server and Extensions
  • No plans to retire RSView32

RSView32 was the first HMI software to:

  • Open its graphic displays as OLE containers for ActiveX® controls — with thousands of third-party ActiveX controls to choose from, you can drop ready-made solutions right into your projects
  • Develop an object model to expose portions of its core functionality, allowing RSView32 to interoperate easily with other component-based software products
  • Integrate Microsoft's popular Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) as a built-in programming language allowing almost unlimited ways to customize your RSView32 projects
  • Support OPC standards as both a server and a client for fast, reliable communications with a wide variety of hardware devices
  • Implement add-on architecture (AOA) technology to expand RSView32's functionality and integrate new features directly into RSView32's core

Extend your View with Remote Access

RSView32 Active Display System™ is a true client/server application that adds on to and extends the reach of your RSView32 HMI software. With RSView32 Active Display System, you can view and control your RSView32 projects from remote locations.

RSView®32™ WebServer allows anyone with a valid RSView32 user account to access snapshot views of graphic displays, tags, and alarms through any standard web browser.

Customize RSView32's Core Features with Add-on Architecture

RSView32 redefined the meaning of "HMI core features" with its add-on architecture (AOA). AOA technology expands RSView32's functionality by integrating new software components directly into RSView32. Customize RSView32's feature set by installing only those components you need.

At no additional charge, RSView32 includes the following AOA components that you can install separately:

  • RSView32 Messenger: Provides powerful alarm annunciation, paging, and messaging tools.
  • RSView®32 Messenger™ announces alarms and simple reports through pagers, faxes, e-mail, telephones, cell phones, or even locally on your computer using a sound card. With its scheduling capabilities, you can accommodate holidays, weekends and business trips. Simply create a schedule of alarm notification destinations, and notifications will be sent off to the people who need to know, wherever they are.

    RSView32 Messenger Pro In addition to the base Messenger functionalities, Messenger Pro allows users to send file attachments with e-mail notifications and dial in using a regular phone line, to hear and respond to alarms, hear status phrases, or run RSView32 commands or macros.

  • RSView32 TrendX: Monitors real-time data and provides historical trending from RSView32 data logs.
  • RSView®32 TrendX™, an ActiveX® control, integrates with RSView32 to provide real-time and historical trending from RSView32 data logs. You can plot variables against each other (x-y plotting), add or delete pens during runtime, and change pen colors, markers and axis scaling during runtime.

  • RSView32 SPC: Offers integrated, real-time Statistical Process Control.
  • RSView®32 SPC™ provides statistical methods for analyzing and controlling the variation of a process. RSView32 SPC integrates directly into the RSView32 Project Manager window. From there, you can configure project defaults, products, and the individual characteristics that collect measurable data about the project.

  • RSView32 RecipePro: Enhances RSView32 recipe management and control.
  • RSView®32™ RecipePro provides enhanced recipe management. With RSView32 RecipePro, you can configure multiple recipe project files in each RSView32 project and easily transfer process data requests to and from your automation equipment. A configurable ActiveX® control allows you to customize the runtime recipe functions available to operators.

  • RSLadder: Displays ladder logic for the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 and PLC-5 families of processors.

Ebooks: Programmable Logic Controllers

Written by Kang Abu on 12:49 PM

Below is ebooks for AUTOMATION AND ELECTRICAL Engineer, I hope useful.

I am proud to present this book 11MB

Running Small Motors With PIC Microcontrollers


Electrical Engineering Know it all

2008 / PDF / 7MB

Premium Studio 2009

Written by Kang Abu on 12:36 PM

Siemens Smart Chopper UnveilingImage by gimmeahug via Flickr

Premium Studio 2009 provides you with the most important software packages for engineering and runtime for SIMATIC S7/C7, SIMATIC HMI, SIMATIC NET, SINUMERIK und SIMOTION on four data carriers (DVDs). The user can select general settings (e.g. languages for installation, installation path, etc.) and the software packages he requires via a setup specially created for Premium Studio. The installation is then performed automatically (silent), i.e. no further user activities are required. Premium Studio thus provides a significant time and money saving with the installation and maintenance of the software packages. No licenses are included with Premium Studio. For productive operation of the installed software products the user can either use his existing licenses of the versions in question or he must purchase new licenses. Premium Studio 2009 is now available for delivery.

The scope of delivery of Premium Studio 2009 includes 4 single-sided dual layer DVD-R discs with large storage capacity (8.5GB) DVDs.

Engineering Tools
SIMATIC S7 Distributed Safety V5.4 SP4
SIMATIC S7 F Configuration Pack V5.5 SP5
SIMATIC Version Trail V7.1
SIMATIC Version Cross Manager V7.1
SIMATIC Modular PID Control FB V5.1
SIMATIC Modular PID Control Tool V5.1
SIMATIC Standard PID Control FB V5.2
SIMATIC Standard PID Control Tool V5.2
SIMATIC PID Self Tuner V5.1
SIMATIC Teleservice Software 7/2008
S7-Technology (T-Config) V4.1 SP1
SIMATIC Logon V1.4 SP1
Component Based Automation
SIMATIC NET Communication Software
SIMATIC NET PC Products 2008
SINEMA E Lean 2006 SP3
SIMATIC WinCC flexible 2008 SP1
SIMATIC WinCC/Web Navigator V7.0 SP1
SIMATIC WinCC/DataMonitor V7.0 SP1
SIMATIC WinCC/ConnectivityPack V7.0 SP1
SIMATIC WinCC/ProAgent V7.0 SP1
SIMATIC Maintenance Station 2009
SINUMERIK Toolbox 810D/840D Add-on for STEP 7 V5.4.4.4
TRANSLINE 2000 HMI Pro RT V7.2.0.5
TRANSLINE 2000 HMI Pro CS V7.2.0.5
HMI Advanced V7.3 SP3
SINUMERIK HMI for WinCC flexible 2008
Drive ES Basic V5.4 SP3
A&D Data Management
A&D Data Management Agent V1.2
A&D Data Management Client V6.1
Sensors & Communication
SIMATIC RFID Systems (RF170C) V1.3.3
Sirius Motor Starter ES 2007 SP1
Sirius Soft Starter ES 2007 SP1
Sirius SIMOCODE ES 2007 SP1
SIRIUS Modular Safety System ES 2008


Written by Kang Abu on 12:21 PM

Petoskey - Portland Cement Plant, Penn-Dixie C...Image by Odalaigh via Flickr

CEMAT, the control system for the cement industry, is now available with version 7.0.

CEMAT V7.0 is based on the SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.0 + SP1 process control system and Windows XP/Server 2003 operating systems. Existing CEMAT systems with version 6.0 can be upgraded to CEMAT V7.0.

This update is free of charge, if you have already purchased a licensed CEMAT V6.1 product. he required software is available for downloading. You can obtain more information on CEMAT via the following Internet address: for your information.

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