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Maintenance Management of your company's PLC (Programmable Logic Controller).

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What is a PLC? How many PLCs is your bottom line depending on? Do you have an up to date list of all PLC model types, part availability, program copies, and details for your company? Do you have at least one trained person per shift, to maintain and troubleshoot your plant PLCs? Does your maintenance personnel work with PLCs following written company or corporate policy, and procedures?
If you could not answer with confidence or you answered ‘No’ to any of the above questions, you need to read this article on maintenance management of PLCs. Why? Because the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) are the brains of your operation. When the PLC is not functioning properly, lines shut down, plants shutdown, even city bridges and water stations could cease …

PLC Training / Tutorial for Allen-Bradley (Video 1 of 11)

Image via WikipediaThese proven training techniques distinguish Ron Beaufort's Training from most other courses.
Find the rest of the series here:
Learn to be an effective troubleshooter, by teaching you to think the same way PLCs do.

These subjects are typically covered in the first few hours of the 40 hour long PLC Boot Camp course. The class room teaching is done with challenging hands-on exercises that ensure you retain what you learn.

These videos focus on the PLC-5, SLC-500, and Micrologix series. There are also PLC Boot Camp classes for the ControlLogix platform.

See this channel for the rest of this series:

Visit : for more lessons online

ITS PLC Professional Edition

Image by oomlout via FlickrITS PLC stands for Interactive Training System for PLC. It is a software designed for PLC training and education. With ITS PLC you get five real world based industrial systems so you can program your PLC and validate your control algorithm through a real-time interactive experience.


Made in Germany | Coal Mining Technology

Image by Getty Images via DaylifeGermany's coal mining industry is all but finished as viable coal seams are worked out. Following an earthquake, mines in the Saarland will close in 2012 and mining in North Rhine-Westphalia's will end in 10 years at most.

But German mining equipment is still in demand; more than a hundred mostly medium-sized businesses have found customers in countries where mining is booming. One such company is Eickhoff, in Bochum, which produces milling and cutting equipment for coal mining. Now Eickhoff exports 95% of its mining equipment, mainly to China and Russia. Robert Donauer went to a mine in the Ruhr Valley and paid a visit to Eickhoff.

Made in Germany | Siemens - Hightech Trains for Russia

Image via WikipediaRussian state railway company RZD is soon to receive the first of eight high-speed trains ordered from Siemens that will cut one hour off the trip from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

The deal that is worth over 600 million euros has involved various new challenges for the German electronics and engineering giant; the railway gauge in Russia is 33cm wider than in Germany, and the trains will also have to withstand harsh local weather conditions, with temperatures sometimes dropping to minus 50°C. Testing has so far been limited to simulations. But the first "Velaro RUS" train is now ready for shipment to Russia via the Baltic Sea. Our reporters Alexa Meyer and Alexandra von Nahmen are on board for its maiden voyage.

Made in Germany - High Speed Train

Image via WikipediaBisnis baru, Kereta cepat buatan Jerman.

Deutsche Bahn's planned stock market flotation due to take place in late October was postponed because of the global financial crisis, but it has not been scrapped. News of lucrative executive payouts linked to the flotation have attracted considerable criticism. At the moment, DB managers are traveling the world on the hunt for investors and new business ventures.

Germany's rail company is aiming to expand internationally with the help of its subsidiary DB-International. It has a staff of 800 and is involved in big infrastructure projects: from the building of a rail line through Saudi Arabia to the training of high-speed-train drivers in Taiwan. Only Germany and France have drivers who are experienced enough to drive these trains. Now they're helping to train their Taiwanese counterparts. Michael Altenhenne has visited the Deutsche Bahn's subsidiary in Taiwan.

OpenSCADA – The OpenSource SCADA System

Image via Wikipedia Scada systems are used for communication between software systems and the machines they control. The old monolithic Scada systems are being replaced by open, distributed environments, which provide a central overview of the whole system. Open protocols and network technology are applied to reduce costs while increasing quality and reliability of the system. Scada systems are used for communication between software systems and the mashines they control. The old monolithic Scada systems are being replaced by open, distributed environments, which provide a central overview of the whole system. Open protocols and network technology are applied to reduce costs while increasing quality and reliability of the system.OpenSCADA® has taken this trend one step further: by providing an open SCADA platform, system limitation are overcome. This means OpenSCADA® is independent of technologies. Furthermore, integration is simple, it is highly configurable, meaning that creating a …

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) at Mitchell Technical Institute

Image by Art Institute of Portland via FlickrAutomation controls incorporating Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is emerging as one of the fastest expanding areas of industry today. MTIs state-of-the-art program teaches students to use computers to collect management data and to use automated systems. Industries are placing greater emphasis on remotely controlling switching devices, gathering accurate inventory data, managing the operation of electrical devices, measuring and metering electrical systems, and automating routine tasks.

Automation Control/SCADA technicians will find employment in electric power utilities, gas companies, water systems, security systems, and in industrial applications. Graduates will install and maintain remote switches and communication devices, or operate computer networks to control remote switches.


Computer Systems

Satellite Communications


Image via WikipediaOverviewRSView®32™ is an integrated, component-based HMI for monitoring and controlling automation machines and processes. RSView32 is available in English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish. RSView32 expands your view with open technologies that provide unprecedented connectivity to other Rockwell Software products, Microsoft products, and third-party applications. Solid Investment. Today. Tomorrow.Excellent quality now and in the futureContinued support for a huge installed baseOn-going engineering investment for supporting Microsoft Vista, Windows 2008, VMWare, and Future Microsoft Operating SystemsContinued support for Web Server, Active Display Server and ExtensionsNo plans to retire RSView32RSView32 was the first HMI software to: Open its graphic displays as OLE containers for ActiveX® controls — with thousands of third-party ActiveX controls to choose from, you can drop ready-made solutions right into your projectsDev…

Ebooks: Programmable Logic Controllers

Below is ebooks for AUTOMATION AND ELECTRICAL Engineer, I hope useful.

I am proud to present this book 11MB

Running Small Motors With PIC Microcontrollers 5MB

Electrical Engineering Know it all
2008 / PDF / 7MB

Premium Studio 2009

Image by gimmeahug via FlickrPremium Studio 2009 provides you with the most important software packages for engineering and runtime for SIMATIC S7/C7, SIMATIC HMI, SIMATIC NET, SINUMERIK und SIMOTION on four data carriers (DVDs). The user can select general settings (e.g. languages for installation, installation path, etc.) and the software packages he requires via a setup specially created for Premium Studio. The installation is then performed automatically (silent), i.e. no further user activities are required. Premium Studio thus provides a significant time and money saving with the installation and maintenance of the software packages. No licenses are included with Premium Studio. For productive operation of the installed software products the user can either use his existing licenses of the versions in question or he must purchase new licenses. Premium Studio 2009 is now available for delivery.

The scope of delivery of Prem…


Image by Odalaigh via FlickrCEMAT, the control system for the cement industry, is now available with version 7.0.
CEMAT V7.0 is based on the SIMATIC PCS 7 V7.0 + SP1 process control system and Windows XP/Server 2003 operating systems. Existing CEMAT systems with version 6.0 can be upgraded to CEMAT V7.0. This update is free of charge, if you have already purchased a licensed CEMAT V6.1 product. he required software is available for downloading. You can obtain more information on CEMAT via the following Internet address: for your information.

Industiral Process Controll Systems

Jika kita ingin mengetahui Proses Kontrol Sistem di Industri sebaiknya membaca buku ini. Semoga bermanfaat.


Control Design 3-2009 7MB

Repost What is Automation?

Automation (ancient Greek: = self dictated), roboticization[1] or industrial automation or numerical control is the use of control systems such as computers to control industrial machinery and processes, reducing the need for human intervention.[2] In the scope of industrialization, automation is a step beyond mechanization. Whereas mechanization provided human operators with machinery to assist them with the physical requirements of work, automation greatly reduces the need for human sensory and mental requirements as well. Processes and systems can also be automated. Automation plays an increasingly important role in the global economy and in daily experience. Engineers strive to combine automated devices with mathematical and organizational tools to create complex systems for a rapidly expanding range of applications and human activities. Many roles for humans in industrial processes presently lie beyond the scope of automation. Human-level pattern recognition, language recogniti…

Omron C200-CPM1- CQM1-CQM1H password recovery

Image via WikipediaI got this information from forum. Please read for detail. Sometime We need this method to get solution.

Hi, I test a method for find password from CQM1H-CPU21(51-61) and share with all.
it's very easy: you must install (Plc Backup Tools V6.0) then select UM option and upload from PLC, after this, you open UM file with any HEX Editor program. Now you can see password in 0590h memory address.This metod tested for C200-CPM1- CQM1-CQM1H.

For Download:
1. PLC Backup Tools V6.0

2. HEX Editor

Note: You can see password in 0590h memory address from CQM1H-CPU51/61 , but can not upload program.

Wonderware Development Studio

Image via WikipediaWonderware Development Studio consists of a suite of cooperative tools designed to enable the rapid construction and maintenance of Wonderware applications.The heart of the Development Studio is the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Within the IDE engineers can design, develop, test and maintain any industrial application. Without leaving the IDE, the user can develop vibrant and sophisticated graphics, and incorporate those into effective HMI, SCADA, MES or Operations Intelligence applications.Once development is ready for delivery, a single click is all it takes to deploy applications, objects and associated logic to anywhere in the enterprise namespace. Key BenefitsUnified development environment for HMI, SCADA, MES and EMI applicationsEase-of-use
Centralized, multi-user development
Easy re-use of previous engineering work
Fast deployment of changes across the network
Productivity and workforce improvementsKey CapabilitiesTemplate-based development of objects …

Double Driver 3.0

Double Driver is a very simple and useful tool which not only allows you to view all the drivers installed on your system but also allows you to backup, restore, save and print all chosen drivers.One of the main reasons why you would want to collect installed drivers is if you don’t have the Driver CD that came with the computer or they are unavailable online. This comes in quite handy if you purchase a computer and want to backup the initial set of drivers. It can be quite difficulty for example to find drivers for hardware installed in a notebook if the operating system has to be setup again. Luckily Double Driver can now lend you a hand with that and save you a lot of time.Double Driver is a very simple and useful tool which not only allows you to view all the drivers installed …

Control of Machines

Control of Machines
2006 | PDF | 4.5MB

Practical Process Control

Practical Process Control 20MB

Practical Fieldbus,devicenet and Ehthernet for industry 20MB

Practical Batch Process Management

i love this series

Basic Electrical Installation Book

Basic Electrical Installation

Electrical Engineering Know it all
2008 / PDF / 7MB

Free Engineering Books

Data Acquistion Techniques Using PCs

Practical Instrumentation for Automation and Process Control 7MB

Free Magazine and Books - Gratis Majalah Elektor dan Buku Engineering

Elektor 10-2009 13MB

Microcontrollers fundamentals and applications with PIC 10MB

Control 2-2009 24MB

Repost: Make Images of Your Hard Drive (Cloning your harddisk)

SCADA with Database always use Industrial PC for HMI. How to make backup the PC SCADA? Please read simple Tips and Tricks to make Backup PC. "It's important for your as Automation Engineer in Industries"
Making images of hard drives is a useful way of having backup copies of all your information, including your entire operative system.For many years, only a few companies made this kind of programs and they were expensive. But now, there are some free alternatives that make this possible without spending any money. Besides, they are pushing commercial products to lower its prices because of the new competition.The industry is lead by two applications, Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost. These two are great and include an impressive array of options that many of the free applications don’t have. But most users won’t use them anyway.DriveImage XMLThe first application i want to talk you about is DriveImage XML, from Runtime Software.Official description:DriveImage XML is an…


1. Product description

The CP 5711 is an innovation of the existing SIMATIC NET CP 5512 for PGs/PCs with USB V2.0 ports. With its USB V2.0 connection, the CP 5711 can be used on many different computer platforms.
Innovation of the PG/PC connector technology for USB V2.0:The CP 5711 is connected via a USB V2.0 port, allowing flexible use of the module. USB V2.0 is available on many computer platforms and applications for the CP 5711 are therefore manifold. The CP 5711 can also be used on a USB V1.1 port, but the performance will be lower in this case.
Functionally compatible with the CP 5512, as well as PC Adapter USBApplications created for the CP 5512 can be used for the CP 5711 without any changes to the configuration or the user software.The CP 5711 is functionally compatible with the PC Adapter USB for engineering applications (e.g. STEP7)
+ 5 V Power supply from USB V2.0The communication processor is supplied with power from the USB port of the PC system.
+24 V optional external power…

Know How Robot

Real Robot Transformer

Robot Artist

PLC Training / Tutorial for Allen-Bradley

If you want to see Video for Allen Bradley Training, Please visit links below.

PLC Training / Tutorial for Allen-Bradley (Video 1 of 11)

2 - Basic Inputs and Outputs (AB PLC Training)

3 - Introducing the PLC Processor (AB PLC Training)

4 - Fundamentals of the Scan Sequence (AB PLC Training)

5 - Understanding Bits and Instructions (AB PLC Training)

6 - Basic Instruction XIC (AB PLC Training)

7 - Basic Instruction OTE (AB PLC Training)

8 - Basic Instruction XIO (AB PLC Training)

9 - Solution: Step-by-Step Analysis (AB PLC Training)

10 - Which Rung Wins? (AB PLC Training)

11 - Retentive…

How to migration from Siemens PLC to Allen Bradley PLC?

Hi Dear Friends,
I have been working with Siemens for last 3 years and now I want to get in to Allen Bradley
I will appreciate if somebody help me and show me good starting point how to learn RSlogix software and how to know all modules and become integrator.

How to knowing the modules is very important for me
because I think that Working with software is in the next step
Best Regrads


PLC Migration: Siemens

SIMATIC S7 to Logix5000 Application Conversion Guide

Have Fun


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