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Install STEP7 5.4 on Windows 7

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1. Installing STEP7 on Windows 7If you try to install STEP7 on Windows 7 without any tricks you’ll get the error
The software cannon be installed on your computer with the operating system ?.

The setup program requires Windows XP, 2003 Server or Vista. Other operation systems are not supported. Then setup ends.
Obviously, the install program don’t know such version of operation system as Windows 7 have. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are compatible in most situations. Knowing that fact, many people expect that Step7 will work on Win7. The problem is in setup program, so some fans try to force installing the Step 7. They got a help from siemens support forum.
You need to download and install the special program for MSI packages edit. It names Orca.
You must to modify several setup.msi files, which contains in STEP7 distributive. To instal…