Introduction to ControlNet with ControlLogix Hands-On Lab

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In this lab you will see ControlNet's determinism in action and learn how to configure and collect data without impacting I/O communications. You'll configure applications and set performance times for time-critical I/O. You will learn to configure the network using off-line tools to improve network performance. Also included is a discussion of redundant media and intrinsically safe systems using ControlNet.

What You Will Accomplish In This Lab
As you complete the exercises in this hands-on session, you will:
• Understand when to use ControlNet
• Determine what kinds of communication you would perform on ControlNet, including Controlling I/O, Configuring devices, collecting data, peer-to-peer interlocking and more.
• Configure basic network settings
• Configure devices over the network
• Control analog and discrete I/O over the network
You’ll accomplish each of these tasks using a 1756-L63 ControlLogix controller and a 1769-L35CR CompactLogix controller.

For information in detail, Please Click Here! for download.
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