OMRON's PLC-based Process Control

"OMRON's PLC-based Process Control = Smart Monitor and Control"

General-purpose PLCs provide everything from simple loop control to advanced process control to meet customer needs


Omron has taken its wealth of technical know-how in factory automation and process control technology to create this PLC-based Process Control for Hybrid Process Control.



Omron's Analog Process Control 3 Key Features: Downsizing, Easy Engineering and High Reliability.



One-Stop Solution


Omron provides Built-in Loop Controller (BLC) - CJ1 Series CPU with built-in loop controller that is best-suited for small-scale sophisticated process control up to a maximum of 150 loops.


For a large-scale control process of 250 loops, Omron recommends Hybrid-Process System (HPS) - CS1 Series CS1W-LC[][]1.


Product solutions for Built-in Loop Control and also Hybrid Process System.




Built-in Loop Controller


Built-in Loop Controller combines the Sequence Control Engines and Loop Control Engine into one and integrated with the NS touch panel. A mini batch on control system can be released, and data trending and data logging can be viewed and monitored from the Touch Panel.


Easy integration using Built-in Loop Controller



Hybrid Process System


Omron Hybrid Process System combines the benefits of the PLC and the ease of programming of Distributed Control Systems (DCS) into one. With the benefits of the PLC, flexibility and scalability of the system can be realized. Besides that, with the ease of the sequencing programming for DCS, development of control becomes easier. Thus, the Hybrid Process System simplifies the design, planning and implementation, and reduces the engineering time.


To meet user needs, simple tools are provided to users for easier integration of GUI monitoring and control system.  Tags can be generated and use for GUI monitoring and control.


Omron provides CX-Process Monitor Plus, a simple monitoring and control software to simplify data trending and process control. With the integration of CX-Process Monitor Plus or SCADA and HMI, operation control and monitoring becomes simple, and complexity in maintenance is no longer an issue.


Interaction between CX-Process Monitor Plus with PLC, HMI and SCADA System.


For more controls, NS series touch panel and SCADA system can be integrated. For process control that requires redundancy system, Omron SYSMAC CS1D can be applied. With Hybrid Process System, a low-cost DCS system can be realized.


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