Membuat interface cable PC to PLC Omron

How to Make Data Cable Link For PLC Omron RS-232C

If you need to make data cable link for plc Omron you can do like
this the first one prepare connecter RS-232C female 1 set and male 1 set ,shielding cable about 2-3 meter

-Use the shielding cable about 2-3 meter
-Connect Pin number 2 Female and Pin 2 Male together
-Connect Pin number 3 Female and Pin 3 Male together
-Connect Pin number 5 Female and Pin 9 Male together
-Connect Pin 7 and 8 of Female together
-Connect Pin 4 and 6 of Female together
-Connect Pin 4 and 5 of Male together

From my experience we can make longer more than 5 meter but
the quality of communication is not good I hope this articals can help everybody for do the cable link communication with all PLC Omron

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