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OPC UA and The Cloud Webinar and Demo Available:  A new end-user targeted webinar and demo is available which discusses how OPC UA is the ideal foundation for a cloud computing strategy for industrial automation applications. Link here.

OPC UA Java Stack Release Candidate Available:  The OPC Foundation is pleased to announce that the OPC UA Java Stack is now available as a release candidate. Download here.
6-steps to Success with OPC UA:  The OPC Foundation has witnessed significant interest in OPC UA adoption around the world. We have defined 6 simple steps to help you maximize your investment in OPC UA technology, from inception, to development and through to certification. Download this paper today.

OPC Foundation Announces OPC .NET 3.0 (WCF) For OPC Classic:  Scottsdale, AZ October 25, 2010 - The OPC Foundation has announced the release of OPC .NET 3.0 (formerly known as OPC Express Interface (Xi)). This new API will enable users of OPC Classic to leverage the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology, facilitating the transfer of data securely through firewalls. Complete information can be found here.

OPC Foundation and MTConnect Institute Announce a Memorandum of Understanding:  OPC and MTConnect will cooperate in developing standards called MTConnectOpcUa. MTConnectOpcUa is a set of companion specifications to ensure interoperability and consistency between MTConnect specifications and OPC specifications, as well as the manufacturing technology equipment, devices, software or other products that implement those standards. [Full Story]

OPC UA Part 11 Historical Access Release Candidate Available:  The OPC Foundation annouces the availability of the Release Candidate for Part 11 - Historical Access specification. The document can be found here.

OPC UA Part 7 Profiles and Part 10 Programs New Drafts Available:  The OPC Foundation annouces the availability of new Drafts for Version 1.01 of the Profiles and Programs specifications. The documents can be found here.

OPC Foundation Announces Updates to OPC UA SDK:  The OPC Foundation Announces the updated release of the OPC UA SDK deliverables. The downloads are available here.

Using OPC UA and PLCopen to Create Better Automation Solutions : 
The webinar and slides ares now available online.

OPC Foundation OPC Xi Technology/Product Demonstration Webinar: 
The webinar demonstrating the OPC Xi Technology is available online.

More news can be found here.  

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