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Grid support stability for reliable, renewable power
Understand why energy storage is fundamental to large-scale solar projects
2/15/2013 file 366 KB
Choosing between a soft starter and a variable frequency drive to fit your application
Choosing between a soft starter and a variable frequency drive often depends on the application, system requirements, and cost (both for initial startup and over the life cycle of the system).
1/31/2013 file 592 KB
Underground mining systems—the invisible and looming danger
If people aren’t in harm’s way, they can’t get hurt. Seems reasonable, right? Of course, this is the reason that many mines are trending toward automation and remote monitoring of electrical systems.
12/13/2012 file 420 KB
Arc-preventative motor control centers
Arc-preventative MCCs enhance personnel safety, protect equipment and support more reliable operations.
11/30/2012 file 790 KB
Variable frequency drives: energy savings for pumping applications 11/09/2012 file 786 KB
AC Versus DC Power Distribution
Issues to consider when comparing options for improving data center energy efficiency
10/29/2012 file 466 KB
Recommended Installation Practices for CHSPT1 and CHSPT2 Products
UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Products – Eaton Type 1 & 2 Surge Products
10/17/2012 file 64 KB
Understanding Eaton Energy Saver System
A technical review of how Eaton ESS enhances reliability and efficiency
10/09/2012 file 873 KB
Replacement of hydro plant generator oil circuit breakers with modern vacuum technology
The successful implementation of vacuum generator circuit breakers for this hydro-plant project confirms the practical application and performance of vacuum circuit breakers in the 5000A range.
9/28/2012 file 445 KB
Aiming for grid parity on utility-scale solar applications
The next generation of utility-scale inverters—stepping up to reduce the cost of solar energy
9/07/2012 file 895 KB
The integrated HMI-PLC
The heart of a “lean automation” solution
8/31/2012 file 306 KB
Rethinking Data Center Design
Building the room around the rack can ease cooling challenges and save money
7/31/2012 file 1.1 MB
Active energy control-optimum solution for maximum savings
Saving energy is more than the right thing to do
6/22/2012 file 186 KB
Modernizing Vintage Data Centers
Improving the reliability, efficiency and effectiveness of older computing facilities by upgrading their power and cooling systems
5/30/2012 file 1004 KB
Power Management for Server Virtualization
Strategies for preserving business continuity and data integrity in virtualized data centers
4/20/2012 file 256 KB

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