Clock synchronization between a HMI operator panel and a SIMATIC PLC

Depending on the required time synchronization and the used SIMATIC controller, this application shows the right solution.
IntroductionIn order for components, such as, for example, HMI operator panels and SIMATIC controllers to work in a plant with identical time, one of the listed components has to be the timer for all other components.
  • The component acting as timer is called clock master.
  • The time receiving components are clock slaves.

TaskThere are several HMI operator panels in a plant that exchange data with a SIMATIC controller.
The following tasks are to be implemented:
  1. In the first job, a HMI operator panel is to be the timing component.
    (HMI operator panel → SIMATIC controller)
  2. In the second job, a SIMATIC controller is to be the timer component.
    (SIMATIC component → HMI operator panel)
WinCC TIA Portal offers various solutions for the task described. The solutions depend on the
SIMATIC controller used and the required clock synchronization.
The application shows the respective options of clock synchronization and their implementation in the program.
Possible clock synchronizations
  • HMI clock synchronization (master)
  • HMI clock synchronization (slave)
  • Area pointer: Date/Time
  • Area pointer: Date/Time PLC
  • Area pointer: Control job 14 and 15
For each clock synchronization an example project is stored. Pre-programmed function blocks reduce your configuration effort. 
The description is valid for the following SIMATIC controllers and
HMI operator panels.
  • SIMATIC controllers
    • SIMATIC S7-1200
    • SIMATIC S7-1500
    • SIMATIC S7-300
    • SIMATIC S7-400
  • HMI Operator devices
    • SIMATIC Basic Panels
    • SIMATIC Panel
    • SIMATIC Comfort Panel
    • SIMATIC Multi Panel
    • SIMATIC Mobile Panel
    • SIMATIC RT Advanced
Documentation und example projekt
  Documentation (2,4 MB)
 Registrierung notwendig  Example project for WinCC and STEP 7 V13 SP1 (36,1 MB)

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