Siemens PLC - What exactly is Profibus-DP in layman's terms?

Today Profibus-DP is one of the most commonly used networks in industrial automation. Profibus stands for “Process Field Bus” and “DP” sands for “Decentralized Peripherals”. In this video we’re going to learn all about Profibus-DP and what exactly it decentralizes.

Using Profibus-DP, instead of wiring each individual sensor, actuator or other facility to the PLC individually, we can install a set of “remote I/Os” next to these facilities in the field area and then transfer the data to the control area using a single RS-485 cable. This can decrease the cost of wiring dramatically and on the top of that, since the data transmission method here is “digital”, industrial environment noise has less of an impact on data, so data communication between the control and field areas will be more robust.

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