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Anda bisa mendownload software SYSWIN utk belajar bikin aplikasi PLC.

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Chapter I Operating system

1.1 Conventional control panel
1.2 Control panel with a PLC controller
1.3 Systematic approach to designing a process control system

Chapter II Introduction to PLC controllers

2.1 First programmed controllers
2.2 PLC controller parts
2.3 Central processing Unit –CPU

2.4 Memory
2.5 PLC controller programming
2.6 Power supply
2.7 Input to PLC controller
2.8 Input adjustment interface
2.9 PLC controller output
2.10 Output adjustment interface
2.11 Extension lines

Chapter III Connecting sensors and output devices

3.1 Sinking-Sourcing concept
3.2 Input lines
3.3 Output lines

Chapter IV Architecture of a specific PLC controller

4.1 Why OMRON?
4.2 CPM1A PLC controller
4.3 PLC controller output lines
4.4 PLC controller input lines
4.5 Memory map for CPM1A PLC controller

Chapter V Relay diagram

5.1 Relay diagram
5.2 Normally open and Normally closed contacts
5.3 Short example

Chapter VI SYSWIN, program for PLC controller programming

6.1 How to connect a PLC controller to a PC
6.2 SYSWIN program installation
6.3 Writing a first program

6.4 Saving a project
6.5 Program transfer to PLC controller
6.6 Checkup of program function
6.7 Meaning of tool-bar icons
6.8 PLC controller function modes

6.9 RUN mode
6.10 MONITOR mode
6.11 PROGRAM-STOP mode
6.12 Program execution and monitoring
6.13 Program checkup during monitoring
6.14 Graphic display of dimension changes in a program

Chapter VII Examples

7.1 Self-maintenance
7.2 Making large time intervals
7.3 Counter over 9999
7.4 Delays of ON and OFF status
7.5 Alternate ON-OFF output

7.6 Automation of parking garage for 100 vehicles
7.7 Operating a charge and discharge process
7.8 Automation of product packaging
7.9 Automation a storage door

Appendix A Expanding the number of I/O lines

A.1 Differences and similarities
A.2 Marking a PLC controller
A.3 Specific case

Appendix B Detailed memory map for PLC controller

B.1 General explanation of memory regions
B.2 IR memory region
B.3 SR memory region
B.4 AR memory region
B.5 PC memory region

Appendix C PLC diagnostics

C.1 Diagnostic functions of a PLC controller
C.2 Errors
C.3 Fatal errors
C.4 User defined errors

C.5 Failure Alarm –FAL(06)
C.6 Severe Failure Alarm –FALS(07)
C.8 Syntax errors
C.9 Algorithm for finding errors in a program

Appendix D Numerical systems

D.1 Decimal numerical system
D.2 Binary numerical system
D.3 Hexadecimal numerical system

Appendix E Detailed set of instructions


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