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Rockwell Automation Remote Support and Services announces a new support forum where owners (or prospective owners) of Rockwell Automation products can discuss their products, ask for help and help others.

Features for everyone:

  • Same account as the Knowledgebase.
    You can move effortlessly between online forums and the Knowledgebase without needing to re-login or register.
  • Combined search with the Knowledgebase
    Search produces results from both the Knowledgebase and online forum, so you get quick and easy access to useful information from the tech support engineers and your peers.
  • Additional value for TechConnect contract holders
    Consistent with the Knowledgebase, message boards for products covered by TechConnect support contracts are reserved for contract customers.


  1. We will be adding more specific boards and other features over time. Watch the forums for announcements.
  2. Link to forums:
  3. Links to the forums are being added to navigation bars around the web site, such as this link on the "Get Support Now" page:

    Forums link

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