LOGO! AM2 RTD Module Simplifies Setup

The latest LOGO! AM2 RTD module makes it simpler for users to add a range of sensors. The new module provides improvements that include support of PT100 and PT1000 sensors while also letting users mix either PT100 temperature sensors or PT1000 Flue gas temperature sensors.
The LOGO! AM2 RTD is fully compatible with the existing products (LOGO! 24, LOGO24o and AM2 PT100) and will replace the predecessor products. The line simplifies setup: when new sensor types are connected, the modules provide automatic identification of the connected sensor when the expansion module starts up.

LOGO! modular is available in various versions for a variety of supply voltages (12 V DC, 24 V DC, 24 V AC, 115/230 V DC, 115/230 V AC), offering distinctive features such as R: Relay output and C: Clock/time switch. Some LOGO! Versions include operator keypad and display panel in one unit, streamlining system design. Up to 36 different functions can be connected at the click of a button or by means of PC software.

For more information on the LOGO! AM2 RTD, please click here.

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