Android and iPhone App with Siemens Online Support

siemens iphone appSiemens Automation annouced 2 new applications for iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles and Tablets.
The Online Support App enables you to access more than 300,000 documents on all Siemens Industry products, anywhere and anytime. No matter whether you face problems implementing your project, need help with troubleshooting, want to expand your facility or newly plan one.
siemens iphone online support

You have access to FAQs, the latest firmware or software version downloads, manuals, certificates, characteristic curves, application examples and tools, product news (e.g. announcement of new products), information on successor type in case of product phase-outs.
The start page gives you a quick overview of the latest articles. The search brings up hits for products and articles, and supports you with a personalized suggestion list. Under “mySupport” you can find your personal favourites with articles you need frequently. Additionally, you receive selected news on new
functions, important articles or events – in the News section.

What is Siemens Online Support

The Online Support offers you a comprehensive information system for all Industry Automation and Drive Technologies Service & Support subjects at any time.
Do you wish to extend your Know How, read up on services or exchange experiences with users of automation systems?
Convenient functions in the online support lead you directly to the desired information. Online Support always the first step – around the clock on 365 days of the year.
Direct, central access to founded, extensive information around the
products, systems and applications with a number of programming, configuration
and user examples.
Quick solution, also through exchange of knowledge amongst users in the
Technical Forum and through contacting our expert in the Technical Support via
support request.
Less on-site documentation required.
In 6 languages.
Help available 24h / 365 days in the year without time delay.
Always up-to-date.
You can get the app for free at the Apple App Store and at Android Market with the search terms:
“Siemens Industry Online Support”

Find more information:

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AndroidSiemens Android Market

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