Electrical engineer: Mengenal Software EPLAN Electric P8 v1.9.5.3231

Jika anda seorang electrical engineer yang merancang sistem kontrol di dunia industri, sudah selayaknya anda tahu software ini. Software ini sangat banyak digunakan oleh perusahaan-perusahaan pembuat mesin-mesin industri.

EPLAN Electric P8 v1.9.5.3231

Electrical computer-aided design as the vanguard of the times, since 1984, EPLAN has been planning for the electrical, engineering and project management in the field to provide intelligent software solutions and professional services to global enterprises mark. EPLA N Cabinet, EPLAN product family is not only the leadership of the global market, has now become the industry standard electrical design of the world's family of CAE software, but also to the electrical control cabinet for 3D design EPLA N Cabinet, for fluid EPLAN Fluid Engineering and Process industries such as EPLAN PPE Products.

EPLAN Electric P8 EPLAN Electric P8

Unmatched speed and change: macro variables Technology

The new technology of the macro variables can greatly reduce design time and heavy users to avoid duplication of work. All of the local circuit will be able to create a macro in the form of macro variables in the creation and preservation. In this way, the correct size of the circuit can be in a few seconds of time to be elected. These macros are easy to manage, modify the circuit and has been re-set the size of the new projects from. Because of this new technology, users in the trial version of the test shows that can save up to 50% of the time.

Easy integration: at the last minute changes can easily cope with the

Few projects can escape at the last minute change destiny. Through EPLAN Electric P8, such changes can select the appropriate variables have been integrated and reliable, we do not need to re-design. In this way, data recording can always be consistent, and potential sources of error can be reduced to a minimum.

" The best of both worlds: "The graphics-oriented," combined with "object-oriented"

Is a graphics-oriented or object-oriented? In the past, CAE users need both to make a choice between the methods of work. EPLAN Electric P8 provides users with the graphics-oriented and object-oriented method of switching between the freedom - the very characteristics of the utility because the graphics-based work methods are usually more appropriate to the beginning of the project, and object-oriented In the latter part of the regular methods will reveal its important role. The new system recognizes the fact that allows users to the same project, simply switch.

Simple data exchange: from design to the Department of the Office of the
EPLAN each record can be transferred to Excel spreadsheet form. In this way, the system has become a support and other IT systems simple general-purpose tool for data exchange - thus ensuring that the area outside the CAE has the same database. In addition, by accelerating from the initial design to finished product between the various process, the solution also allows for faster processing of large quantities of data.

Global Network: The Working Group works

EPLAN Electric P8 through the work group can work across networks, across sites, and even across national boundaries - any number of users at the same time to participate in the same project. EPLAN Electric P8 supports all international standards. System definition of standardized template to assess the different forms and symbols of the mapping database, and the system automatically convert existing projects to the selected criteria.

No language barriers

Because of its ability to support Unicode of the same, EPLAN Electric P8 to a variety of languages circuit - from Chinese to Russian wiring diagram of the bill of materials, everything can be translated on-line or after the completion of the work. Users simply by his mother for project planning, will be translated into specific instructions. This is not only international cooperation can be simplified, and make it easier to produce the documents.

What the public wants you to vote: interface Configurator

EPLAN Electric P8 interface to configure the device not only to support the requirements of the user interface and personalized support this change, and allows configuration and the preservation of individual tasks and stage work. For each phase of the editors, relevant information can visit. Even occasional users can also quickly the product of careful handling because the toolbar can be reduced to a few key features.

Ideally links to the integration process

Because of its unified interface, such as ODBC, XML, or Excel, from the upper reaches of the process data can be quickly EPLAN Electric P8 transmission and processing. The results data directly from the lower reaches of the process of access, such as the production. This will not only speed up the work of the running, and to improve the quality of design and production process.

" Use immediately: "The installation and start"

Flexible system configuration and management means that the new user habits and different users can immediately start using. EPLAN Project Manager to provide users with an aide to accompany the user experience of the entire project, to provide users with a variety of opportunities and decision-making way to explain the various options. In this way, users will be able to take advantage of this software and the full performance at any time to maintain the overall lead.

Platform strategy: with other applications to communicate

EPLAN Electric P8 platform with revolutionary technology, which not only support from EPLAN 5 and EPLAN 21 for 100% of data transmission, and support for the horizontal and vertical expansion. For electrical engineering, fluid engineering and instrumentation / control of a variety of technical applications for the first time be able to carry out direct communication with each other. The platform features a number of modules, for example, projects and user rights management module, which has a multi-disciplinary basis for the application.

Summary: The new space

EPLAN Electric P8 to open the project in the field of new space. With a very rich family-oriented features and object-oriented graphics and the freedom to choose, the software provides clear guidance technology. A variety of configuration options for simplifying the personalized best meet the requirements of the process. In addition, the fluid engineering and instrumentation / control technology to provide direct links to a shared platform engineering, IT and infrastructure integration can be a simple process of integration of the pioneers. Last but not least, renowned EPLAN to ensure the quality of continuous long-term development and the future of the new system of security

EPLAN Software and Services

EPLAN Software and Services is the world's engineering software solutions provider. All of the work to develop advanced and highly efficient work flow and processes to support the center. From a wealth of customer service benefit, including training, consulting and customer solutions. With 20,000 customers worldwide and 54,000 sets of the number of installed software, the Mengerhaimu set up in the city has shown its more than 20 years of practical consensus-oriented and international distribution of success. As a Rittal subsidiary and part of the Friedhelm Loh Group, EPLAN software and services company has become the name of the investment and durability synonymous with security.

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