FX Mitshubishi PLC Training

Ini hasil jalan-jalan di www.4shared.com. Lumayan didapet link untuk FX PLC Training untuk PLC Mitsubishi. Meskipun software ini sudah dikeluarkan sangat lama 2002, tapi lumayan OKE untuk pemula yang mau belajar PLC Mitsubishi.

Penasaran? Coba saja download Klik Disini!

Diatas adalah tampilan softwarenya, banyak contoh aplikasi dimuat disini.

Dibawah ini file copy readme.txt hanya sekedar untuk baca agak detail tentangnya.

Read this manual before using the FX-TRN-BEG-E

April, 2002 Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

- To our customers using the FX-TRN-BEG-E

We appreciate it very much that you have purchased our software product.
You can study the basics of PLC ladder logic programming by using the
FX-TRN-BEG-E software. The beginning lessons are set up for first time users
and the later lessons gradually increase in difficulty. Choose the level that
is correct for you. Please see the personal computer requirements below.

OS : Microsoft Windows 98,98SE,Me,NT4.0(SP3 or later),2000
CPU : Pentium 500 MHz or more is recommended.
Memory : 64 MB or more (128 MB or more is recommended.)
Hard disk : 150 MB or more
CD-ROM drive: 1 unit
Display : XGA (1024x768) or more is mandatory.
Video : Video card compatible with Direct3D and VRAM capacity of
4 MB or more (8 MB or more is recommended.)
Browser : Internet Explorer 4.0 or later is required.

"Microsoft","Windows",and "Windows NT" are registered trademarks of
Microsoft Corporation USA in the USA or other countries.

- Cautions

1. The copyright of this software and this manual belongs to Mitsubishi ElectricCorporation.
2. It is prohibited to copy or duplicate a part or all of this software and this manual without our permission. It is prohibited to duplicate this software except duplication for backup.
3. It is prohibited to analyze the main body application, the DLL, etc.
4. The contents of this software and this manual are subject to change without notice for technical improvements of the product, etc.
5. Though we have taken all possible measures for the contents of the product, contact our company if you have any questions or find errors, a defective disc, etc.
6. The company name and the product name are trademark or registered trademark of the corresponding company.

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