S7-300/400 CPUs: Temperature Recording in the S7-CPU by Means of Pt100 Resistivity Thermometer and SITRANS TK-L Measuring Transducer


Almost everywhere where products or materials are processed or worked, the temperature has a decisive influence on the quality of the final product and the course of the process respectively. It is thus necessary to record the temperature, to interpret its influence and to specifically react to changes in temperature using control technology.


The device combination of SIMATIC products and SIEMENS temperature sensors including measuring transducers is an excellent solution to the mentioned problem. In this application, a Pt100 sensor records the temperature of a measuring object and a SITRANS TK-L measuring transducer converts the sensor's measuring signal into an injected current which is supplied to an analog input of the compact CPU. The current temperature measurement value is displayed both numerically and as a bar chart on a TP170A touch panel.

Using the special STEP7 application software, which you can download (see below), it is additionally possible to ...

  • define seven temperature ranges which are displayed on the touch panel and represented by DO bits. These bits can be used to trigger various user actions.

  • display limit temperature violations requiring acknowledgement, react to them (in the program) and acknowledge them.

  • provide the last insufficient or excess temperature with a time stamp.

The WinCC flexible configuration of the TP170A is integrated in the STEP7 project. The user interface languages German and English can be selected.


Content of Downloads


Documentation (German)
Application Description
23541638_Temperaturmessung_DOKU_V20_d.pdf ( 1094 KB )
Documentation (English)
Application Description
23541638_Temperaturmessung_DOKU_V20_e.pdf ( 1044 KB )
STEP7 Project
23541638_Temperaturmessung_V20.zip ( 3007 KB )




07/2002 First edition (V1.0)
08/2006 Second edition (V2.0) complete revision and update

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