Video Tutorial: The High-Level Language S7-SCL

SIMATIC software is the integrated system environment for all SIMATIC systems and provides you with the ideal tool for every task at each phase of your project for optimizing your engineering workflow. The SIMATIC software offers a wide choice of programming languages that support you in the implementation phase. From these various languages, therefore, it is possible to select the language most suitable for each task to be mastered in an automation plant and thus keep time and costs down to a minimum. Thanks to the higher language constructs supplied with it, S7-SCL is suitable for calculations and data management algorithms.

Based on a brief comparison of the programming languages included in STEP 7 Professional, we show you the decisive advantages of the high-level language S7-SCL that is similar to Pascal. We look at a number of language constructs in detail and demonstrate on the fly how you can implement complex algorithms quickly and easily with S7-SCL. This module shows in graphically animated scenes

  • the customer benefits that the tool provides for each relevant project phase,
  • the basic functions of the tool
  • a live programming and debugging sequence in S7-SCL.

The following properties are contained in all technically-oriented demonstration systems:

  • All graphic animations are explained by a spoken text which has been read by German, respectively English native professional speakers.
  • The respective sections of the demonstration system can be clicked on by means of navigation elements. You may, for example, repeat any section any time.
  • Continuative links and support pages have been integrated.

The following picture shows the home page of the demonstration system.


Content of Downloads


Demonstration System "The High-level Language S7-SCL" (German)
Duration of Animation: 14 min
Download size about 36 MB
21062480_S7_SCL_v20_d.exe ( 36332 KB )
Demonstration System "The High-level Language S7-SCL" (English)
Duration of Animation: 14 min
Download size about 35 MB
21062480_S7_SCL_v20_e.exe ( 34733 KB )

Just load the EXE data file at hand on your computer and start it with a mouse click. You may as well start the EXE data file directly out of your browser.




12/2004 first edition
09/2008 Update to version v20: correction for the correct execution of the demonstration system on PC/Notebooks have been made. The content of the demonstration system has not been changed.

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