Allen-Bradley SL500™

Understanding the basic features of the SLC500™ (Small Logic Controller) in your facility will maximize your productivity. The SLC500 includes fault detection with built-in diagnostics. Understanding these features is critical to running an efficient operation.


A lithium battery retains the SLC500 memory. The battery is located in the Central Processing Unit (CPU) next to the power supply of the SLC500 rack. Replace the battery on an annual basis or if the low battery signal activates. The Besser part number for the battery is 113773F00BA.


A fuse protects the SLC500 power supply and, if burned out, will cause the indicator light to turn off. The fuse will open due to an incoming power problem or a short condition within the power supply. Insure the replacement fuse is equivalent to the one being replaced. The fuse is a 3 amp time-delay – Besser part number 111847.

Memory Loss

A power surge or a low battery may result in memory loss. The CPU fault light will illuminate to indicate a problem. To restore the memory, turn the panel power OFF. Insert the Electrically Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory (EEPROM) into the socket of the CPU and restore the power. The SLC500 will automatically read the EEPROM into Random Access Memory (RAM) and go into RUN mode. The CPU RUN light will illuminate to indicate a successful transfer. Turn the power OFF and remove the EEPROM from the unit. Note: In the case of Besser Lithibar equipment, the EEPROM remains in the unit. If a memory loss occurs, power cycle the SLC500 and the unit will return to run mode.

EEPROM Location

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