Preventive Maintenance for Electrical Panels and Graphic Display Units

"Cleanliness is the Best Policy" when it comes to maintaining electrical equipment in a concrete products facility. Focusing on a few simple practices will extend the life of electrical panels and graphic display units that are connected to your equipment.

Best Practices:

  1. Keep panel doors and box covers closed. Dust and moisture are two of the biggest enemies of electrical devices.

  2. Remove debris from electrical components. Heat build-up can occur when electrical devices are covered with dust or concrete. Dirt, once inside a component, is trouble.

  3. On a monthly basis, check electrical connections and keep them tight. A loose wire either in a panel or on the machine will cause electrical arcing. Arcing can cause intermittent machine operation and eventually a breakdown.

  4. Keep electrical wiring diagrams, logic documents and operating manuals clean, neat and easily accessible. Plant personnel will need these items to effectively troubleshoot the equipment.

  5. Ensure tags and labels are readable and securely attached to electrical devices. This will help identify items when servicing the equipment.

Overall plant efficiency and productivity is increased with preventive maintenance. The added effort will pay for itself in the long run. Maintaining a clean facility also improves the overall atmosphere. Employees will show more pride when their workplace is neat and organized. Attitudes are more upbeat which positively affects work quality. An uncluttered environment also promotes safety.

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