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DF1 to DH+ Passthru using WinLinx or RSLinx

Written by Kang Abu on 6:16 PM

For OLD Application...

SLC 5/04 processors (OS401 and greater) support DF1 to DH+ Passthru. With this feature, you can connect to a 5/04 processor through Channel 0 using the DF1 protocol and access any node on the DH+ network, regardless of the baud rate of the DH+ network. It is also possible to connect a modem to Channel 0 and connect to any node on the DH+ network via modems.

At this time only PanelView devices at FRN 3.3 or higher can be accessed using the SLC 5/04 passthru. Pre FRN 3.3 PanelViews do not recognize PCCC messaging which is the protocol used on the DH+ side of the SLC. An alternate bridge solution would be a 1770-KF2. The customer should consult their local distributor for other hardware, serial to DH+ bridge, solutions or firmware upgrades.

To use this functionality with the RSLogix 500 software, you need to use the following procedure:



1) Configure Channel 0 of the 5/04 processor for System Mode using Full-Duplex. This can be done by accessing the Channel Configuration Window and choosing the appropriate settings.

**Note the Passthru Link ID setting for Channel 1 (which is 2) and Channel 0 (which is 1). If channel's 1 and 0 have the same link ID's then RSLinx/RSWho will not see through to the DH+ network.

2) You must then access the Chan 0 Tab on the Processor Status File and disable the DH485 to DH+ Passthru and enable DF1 to DH+ Passthru by setting both S:34/0 AND S:34/5 high. Note: If you want to view active DH+ nodes in the 5/04 status table, S:34/1 must also be set.

The above settings must then be downloaded to the processor using either Winlinx or RSLinx. Once the program has been downloaded, comms drivers must be altered as detailed below to see the entire DH+ network. Also note that the driver verification in Winlinx and Auto-Configure in RSLinx will no longer function correctly since DF1 packets are being passed through Chan 1. Both functions will still determine the baud rate, but acknowledgements will no longer be received causing the error checking to fail.



The uLogic/KF3/CH0 driver was initially used to download the project to the 5/04. This driver must be deleted from Winlinx and the KF2/KE driver must be used instead. Be sure to set the correct baud rate and turn on the Don't Verify Settings radio button. Click OK to accept the driver changes. The SuperWho screen will poll address 1-77 and display any active DH+ nodes.

RSLinx v1.7

To download the program, recall that the Device Type option was initially set to SLC-CH0. Change this to KF2/KE and click on OK.

Select Communications > SuperWho and 'right-click' anywhere inside the Who screen and choose Configure SuperWho. In the dialog box, change the Station Update Mode from Graphical (default) to Normal and click OK. The resulting Who screen will begin polling from node 1 thru 77 octal and display all devices connected to the DH+ network.

Remember, the RSLogix500 Who configuration is separate from the RSLinx Who configuration. Be sure that the Normal mode is chosen in both configurations.

Note: RSLinx 1.7 requires that one of the nodes on the DH+ network be set to station 1. If none of the nodes are set to 1 nothing will appear in the SuperWho. This is not a requirement for RSLinx revision 2.1.

RSLinx v2.0

Once the program has been downloaded, in the driver configuration dialog, change the Device Type to 1770-KF2/1785-KE and click OK. Click Close to save the change. If Autobrowsing is enabled, the RSWho will automatically poll the DH+ network using your AB_DF1 driver.

Note: RSLinx 2.0 requires that one of the nodes on the DH+ network be set to station 1. If none of the nodes are set to 1 nothing will appear in the RSWho. This is not a requirement for RSLinx revision 2.1 (or higher).

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