Butterfly Valve Installation

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Proper Installation Techniques must be followed to prevent immediate or premature failure of Butterfly valve seat, disc or shaft on any size or make wafer-style Butterfly valves.

Pipework opened to allow free valve entry with the disc in a semi-closed position.

Pipework not spread sufficiently - could tear rubber seat. Disc in open position will hit flange and score disc edge.

Valve in semi-closed position to (1) protect disc edge, (2) reduce rubber interference during installation and start-up, and (3) help reduce initial torque build-up.

Disc as shown in fully closed position causes seat distortion. When flanges are drawn up, rubber will close around disc edge creating excessive torque in initial operation.

Disc should be turned to full open position after flange alignment and before evenly pulling up flange bolts.

Incorrect pipe alignment will cause interference between disc edge and flange face creating leakage and excessive torque for opening valve.


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