Siemens releases Simatic WinAC RTX F software controller for PC-based automation

SIEMENS has released the Simatic WinAC RTX F, a fail-safe software controller for PC-based automation, allowing safety-related tasks to be performed via PC.According to Siemens, the Simatic WinAC RTX F is a Windows XP or eXP-based controller with an optimised runtime system to process extensive PC applications simultaneously.

Like the modular Simatic S7 controllers, the engineering software is Step 7, supplemented by the Distributed Safety option package for safety-related applications.Siemens claims its Simatic WinAC RTX F software controller is suited for high-performance tasks with substantial data volumes and simultaneous, demanding real-time requirements.

When it is used in dual-core processor systems, one core is used for Windows application, and the other for the Simatic WinAC RTX F controller.The Simatic WinAC RTX F fail-safe software controller can be installed on all current x86 PC hardware platforms, such as Simatic PCs.Simatic WinAC RTX F can be expanded using the safety-oriented peripherals ET 200S, ET 200M, and ET 200pro with IP67 degree of protection, or with the safety-oriented ET 200eco block I/O with IP67 degree of protection.

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