AC motors starting and protection systems

This section is devoted to starting and braking systems and the protection of asynchronous motors of all types.
Motor protection is required to ensure the installations work properly and to protect machines and equipment’s.
Technology, starting and speed control are mentioned briefly. Please refer to the relevant sections with detailed descriptions in this guide.
Personal protection is not discussed in this section. For information on this, please refer to specific works on the topic. Details of this important aspect can be found in
the Electrical installation guide published by Schneider Electric.

When a motor is switched on, there is a high inrush current from the mains which may, especially if the power line section is inadequate, cause a drop in voltage likely to affect receptor operation. This drop may be severe enough to be noticeable in lighting equipment. To overcome this, some sector rules prohibit the use of motors with direct on-line starting systems beyond a given power. See pages K34 and K39 of the Distribution BT 1999/2000 catalogue and the tables of voltage drops permitted by standard NF C 15-100. There are several starting systems which differ according to the motor and load specifications. The choice is governed by electrical, mechanical and economic factors. The kind of load driven is also important in the choice of starting system.

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