Modicon Quantum Hot Standby

Higher productivity
from design to operation!

Retain your usual development and installation habits Unity Pro, programming simplicity in Hot Standby. Now you can start a redundant application as easily as a mono-CPU automation application. Thanks to Unity Pro, no need for specific programming at redundancy. You benefit from a user-friendly, IEC 61131-3 environment, retaining your usual development habits. Smooth installation Transfer of a primary application to the secondary is
automatic in both installation and operating phases. In addition, hardware confi guration remains the same as for standard Modicon Quantum.

Doubly efficient in operating phase For simple, reliable operation You use  Modicon Quantum standard modules as you wish: backplane cards, power supplies, input/output modules, Ethernet cards and cables. Only the processor is dedicated to the Hot Standby function. To optimize your process control Unity Pro offers «online change» functions to update your application parameters simply and securely without interrupting your process. Thanks to automated IP address management (“IP swapping”) between primary and secondary, switchover of the processor is transparent for supervision at SCADA level, thus simplifying its installation and development of its application. Simplifi ed PLC maintenance without production shutdown The “hot swap” capability of input/output modules associated at multiple redundancy levels (processors, cables, input/output modules, power supply) offer you easy maintenance without halting production.

For More : Please see on PDF File from Schneider Click Here!

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