What is specific for this control system is that it has been carried out in Ex realization. The system consists of Omron Touch panel 12’’ certified for Ex and control part, in which Omron PLC CJ series with two OMRON frequency invertors are placed. The control part is physically distanced from filler itself, and signals arrive and leave over Ex barrier. Also, the system is specific by the fact that servo drive is not used. Instead a classical (asynchronous motor and frequency inverter) used, contributed to lower the costs of entire system.

The control system has two basic operating modes: maintenance and automatic. In maintenance mode, basic system parameters adjustment is performed and faultiness is tested, while in automatic, there are two main modes: filling and washing. The system is completely freely configurable, both in mechanical and software sense – it has filling nozzles flexibility in each direction and sizes, while it can memorize up to 5000 recipes, or types of filling.

System performances depend on the type and quantity of material that is poured into bottle and can vary between 1000 to 3000 bottles per hour. Dosage precision is 0.1g and dosage error is below 1%. The system has an algorythm for dosage error autocorrecting as well as the ability to configure each nozzle independently. The display system for monitoring the filling allows two modes of monitoring: professional – it contains all measurements and calculations in tabular form and engineering – it contains the picture and algorythm of execution sequences. First regime is designated to operators in daily job execution, while the second one is designated to engineers during maintenance when certain problem exists.

The system also possesses a program for system washing with 5 options and operates according to time set or manually in dependence of washing type.

With this system productivity increase is possible, while reducing investments during machine purchasing. It was prior procured from abroad and was put together with components hardly available and difficult for maintenance.

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