Know How: Hydraulic Scissors

Automation goal:

Capability to finely position the limiter, in order to perform precise plate cutting to specified proportion.

Possibility to define different angles of cutting.

Possibility to adjusting the cutting duration, thus adapting to plate's thickness that is being cut.

Installations that consist the press:

Hydraulic pump and electro magnetic valve, limiter's electro motor drive

Scissors, limiter

Technologic process description

When the machine is switched on, the first task performed is limiter's reference point locating, in accordance to which the cutting measure is defined; the coordinate value of the reference point can be modified on the operator's panel.
Over the operator panel, the cutting angle can be defined. It is possible to select one of five previously defined angles. The value of an angle is expressed by, time necessary for the two hydraulic cylinders that carry the cutting knife, to take a specific mutual position, which corresponds to the defined angle. The time can be modified on the operator's panel.
Over the operator's panel, the cutting time duration can be defined, taking into account the thickness of the plate being cut.
Sheet metal is placed onto machine; by manual buttons for rough and fine positioning the cutting dimension is determined (limiter positioning), whereby the achieved dimension is monitored on the operator panel.
The foot pedal issues the cutting command.

System's elements description

PLC of CPM2A:.

    PLC accepts digital signals about the condition of individual drives (active state, error state).

    Limiter's position is detected via an incremental encoder.

    Based on issued command from panel and states of limiter switches, as well as read position from encoder, control signals are issued towards electro magnetic hydraulic valves and electro motor drive of limiter and scissors.

Operator panel:

    On panel, its possible to perform input and modification of limiter's referent point coordinates. During referent point searching and cutting dimensions setting, the instant position is shown on display

    On panel, it is possible to enter time that corresponds to certain cutting angle. It is also possible to define the cutting angle

    On panel, the cutting time duration can be defined, taking into consideration the plate's thickn

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