Making control panels with SVG and Microsoft Office

Gildas TREBAOL is a software engineer that develops real time control applications (Web-enabled SCADA applications, fieldbus interfaces, device drivers and control sofware for industrial automation or military equipments).

This paper shows how SVG animated views can be used in remote control applications, and a software tool developed for making SVG control panels with Microsoft Office.

The original XML file and the SVG sample animations presented in this paper are available at

Table of Contents

1. Principle of control panels stored in SVG files
2. Usage of SVG control panels in different configurations
     2.1 Control panel + real time connection
     2.2 Control panel + client-side script
     2.3 Control panel + object-oriented animation script
3. The tools for making SVG control panels
     3.1 The generation process
     3.2 Creation of a SVG view in a MS-Word document
     3.3 Using of MS-Office shapes or user-defined parametric shapes
     3.4 Configuration of the animations
     3.5 The set of available animations
     3.6 Hierarchical organization of the animations
     3.7 Inclusion of client-side scripts, encryption of ECMAScript files
     3.8 Connection to a remote control server
     3.9 Management of the generation process with the make utility
          3.9.1 Compilation reports
          3.9.2 Generating views in multiple formats
          3.9.3 Generating a catalog of views
4. Other competing or complementary tools
     4.1 Tools for making SVG drawings
     4.2 Tools for viewing SVG
     4.3 Other standards for animated vector graphics
          4.3.1 SVG versus Microsoft XAML
          4.3.2 SVG versus Macromedia Flash
     4.4 Tools for designing industrial control panels
     4.5 Tools for the remote control based on HTTP and XML protocols
5. Conclusion


Figure 3: Animated view in SVG format, Firefox V1.0+ or Mozilla 1.8b2 (File size = 89KB)


Figure 4: Annotated view describing the different kinds of animations

Please visit for detail: SVGOPEN

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