Electrical and environnemental constraints

EMC: electromagnetic compatibility


For all electrotechnical equipment, EMC must be considered right from the initial design phase and the variousprinciples and rules carried on through to manufacture and installation.
This means that all those involved, from the engineers and architects that design a building to the technicians that wire the electrical cabinets, including the specialists that design the various building networks and the crews that install them, must be concerned with EMC - a discipline aimed at achieving the "peaceful" coexistence of equipment sensitive to electromagnetic disturbances alongside equipment emitting such disturbances.
This publication is a compilation of many years of acquired experience at Merlin Gerin and presents various disturbances encountered and provides some practical remedies.


  • - Author :Jacques Delaballe
  • - Publication date:01/12/2001
  • - Page number:36
  • - ECT no:149

Enclosures and degrees of protection


The protection of persons against direct contacts is required by certain regulations (in France the Decret of the 14th of November 1988), and specified by electrical installation standards, such as IEC 364. On the other hand, types of external stresses likely to influence the behaviour of equipment are described in IEC 721-2. The protection against some of these influences is often specified in product standards.
Therefore, to explain the degrees of protection that enclosures can provide, and how standards codify them, constitutes an essential information for all, prescribers, installers, operators and inspecting organizations, the purpose of this "Cahier Technique". It replaces "Cahier Technique"
No 6 written in 1982, made obsolete by the revision of IEC 529. 


  • - Author :Jean Pasteau
  • - Publication date:01/01/1993
  • - Page number:12
  • - ECT no:166

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