Mengenal Proses Batch Mixing

General Description

The batch-mixing system for mixing liquid products is a moderately priced solution for the automation and modernization of the preparation area. Its small dimensions permit an easy integration even into an existing system.

Special features of the system:
  • Constantly high product quality
  • Optimum use of raw materials without overfeeding
  • Easy and lossfree product change
  • Work facilitation for the personnel in the preparation area
  • Low wear and tear and, as a result, low maintenance.

The batch-mixing system is arranged between the concentrates storage on the one side and the mixing tanks on the other side. In addition to the above-mentioned features, the concept of the system still considers the following advantages:

  • High accuracy and reproducibility
  • Suitability for CIP
  • Safety against unintended mixtures
  • Safety against operating errors
  • Extensive monitoring of the system to avoid any switching and measuring errors or product deficiency
  • Automatic switch-off compensation
  • Batch logging

The selection of the best suitable flow meter is dependent on the product properties (viscosity, conductivity, etc.), the minimum quantities and the total flow rate of the system. The system is tubed and compactly mounted on a stainless steel base frame. The electric and pneumatic connections are established at the factory, i.e. the remaining assembly work to be done in situ is very low.

Example Scheme

Water and concentrates or essences are connected to the ingredients valves, which are designed as T-shaped valves with the effect that the free-flushing process is not affected by any stagnant spaces. The mixing tank is linked to the outlet line of the mixing system, which is completely filled with water, i.e. it is used as a so-called "full hose system" to guarantee an optimum accuracy. After the start, the preselected recipe is automatically processed, which means that concentrates and water are successively fed in the desired sequence. The concentrates are conveyed by a builtin pump. Water should bypass the concentrates pump at a higher capacity by means of an external pump. The concentrates pump is running at the same time in order to remove any concentrate residues. A 2-stage valve at the outlet of the system permits an accurate shut-off after each ingredient has flown through the system.

The deaerating and test vessel contains some level probes for the following functions:
  • System stop in case of product deficiency
  • Automatic deaeration
  • Accuracy test of the flow meter
When the batch has been passed through, the system is again filled with water, and the start of the same or a different product is possible.

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