Mitsubishi MX4 SCADA V6.1

Mitsubishi MX4 SCADA V6.1

is out now and you can see it for free..

MX4 is a fantastic software package from Mitsubishi. It delivers real productivity gains while reducing operating costs in a flexible, scalable and reliable package. Version 6.1 adds to the great features and functionality of Version 5 - see what's new.

But you don't have to take our word for it because we have a number of Free Demo/Developer CD's to give away, so you can see for yourself. Simply e-mail with your full company details and mailing address for your free copy (Please note MX4 Energy is NOT included on the demo CD).

MX4 is available in 4 different variants (click the headers to download each specific PDF datasheet):

  • MX4 HMI
  • Ideal for OEMs who want quick, simple solutions that are easy to implement or expand upto full SCADA.

  • Flexible, reliable and designed to help you get the most out of your business' productivity.

  • MX4 Business
  • Connecting your total automation operation together with your business environment - that's what we call Plant to Business and that is exactly what MX4 offers.

  • MX4 Energy
  • Comprehensive software solution for all your energy monitoring and targeting needs in one system. It can monitor consumption and provide the information you need to identify and address energy issues.

MX4 - product benefits include:

  • Visualisation tools from SoftHMI to SCADA and WEB solutions making MX4 the flexible solution which meets your needs

  • MX4 can connect your manufacturing Plant to your Business operations, giving your total control and visability of your operations

  • Very quick, simple and easy to use

  • Security & redundancy make MX4 the reliable solution
    for your business

  • MX4 is totally Qnected with high performance Mitsubishi drivers and optional drivers for 100's of other vendors

Download more information

MX4 Business



MX4 Energy

What's new in Version 6.1

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