CASE STUDY: 12M Cigarette Case Cutter

12M cigarette case cutter

The Problem: Manual Process to Open Cigarette Cases

Retailers and wholesalers who have to cut 12M cases of cigarettes can attest to the many issues involved in manual case cutting operations. Expensive damage and high labor costs along with turnover of personnel just when they become proficient at the job is an all too common problem.

The Solution: Automatic 12M Case Cutting

CASI offers a solution to this problem in the ABOT Automatic Case Cutter. The ABOT 12 M cigarette case Cutter can automatically cut up to 1100 cases per hour without damage.

System Overview

automatic case cutter setup

Before running the system, normally the operators log in on the optional remote touch screen.

case cutter accumulation

The Automatic 12m Case cutting system is totally unattended and can accept cartons from an existing conveyor line as shown above.

automatic scanning for packaging

The optional barcode scanners can be used to identify random cases by the case code or other barcode identifier.

12m sorter

The SortMaster 200 parser / merger uses a round robin methodology to direct cases into the system.

case cutter machine

The operator easily separates the case now cut without damage.

12m case splitter

12m casecutter

Benefits from the new efficiencies

The benefits from the new system include reduced errors, labor and automatic QA inspection of the product.

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