Copying HMI projects integrated in SIMATIC STEP 7 at file level

Can I copy a SIMATIC WinCC flexible project integrated in SIMATIC STEP 7 at file level? 

Copying of HMI projects integrated in STEP 7 at file level (e.g. with Windows Explorer via Copy/Cut and Paste) is not possible in combination with WinCC flexible. 

By copying of HMI projects integrated in STEP 7 (*.hmi) at file level you lose internal references from the WinCC flexible project to the the associated STEP 7 project. Then synchronization between the WinCC flexible project and the STEP 7 project is no longer possible.

When you attempt to open an HMI station copied at file level from the SIMATIC Manager, you get a message regarding access to STEP 7 information after opening the HMI station in WinCC flexible ES.

  1. Proceed as follows if you want to copy a SIMATIC HMI station from a STEP 7 project:
  • Open the STEP 7 concerned with the SIMATIC Manager.

  • Start WinCC flexible via "SIMATIC HMI Station > Right-click on WinCC flexible RT > Open object".

  • In WinCC flexible you select the menu "Project > Copy from STEP 7" to create a non-integrated HMI project from the SIMATIC HMI station.

    The original SIMATIC HMI station or the HMI project is retained in the STEP 7 project. 

Fig. 1: Creating a non-integrated HMI project

  • You can then handle the HMI project created just like a normal HMI project.
  1. Proceed as follows if you want to integrate back into STEP 7 a SIMATIC HMI station copied from a STEP 7 project:
  • Open the HMI project concerned with WinCC flexible.
  • In the menu "Project > Integrate in STEP 7" select the relevant STEP 7 project with a double-click.

Fig. 2: Integrating an HMI project

Fig. 3: Selecting the relevant STEP 7 project

  • Now the HMI project not integrated in STEP 7 is integrated into the STEP 7 project selected.

    This function only inserts the operator panel located in an HMI project into a STEP 7 project. If you want to replace an existing HMI station, then the HMI station to be replaced has to be deleted in the SIMATIC Manager.
  • After integrating the HMI station you have to check and possible modify the hardware configuration of the HMI station in the STEP 7 "HW Config" as well as the connection parameters in SIMATIC WinCC flexible via "Communication > Connections".

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