RSLogix 5000 - Configuration and Programing for the Logix5000 family of controller

With the RSLogix 5000 Logix programming software package, you need only one
programming software for sequential, process, drive, and motion control
programming. The RSLogix 5000 software package provides you both symbolic
programming with structures and arrays for increased productivity, and an
instruction set that serves all of these types of applications.
RSLogix 5000 is designed to work with Rockwell Automation's Logix Platforms
and the Logix5000 family of controllers. RSLogix 5000 functionality includes:

 ease of configuration, including a graphical controller organizer, I/O
configuration dialogs, a motion configuration tool, and point-and-click
methods of configuration

 sophisticated data handling, using both arrays and user-defined structures, to
provide the flexibility necessary for the application rather than forcing it to fit
the particular memory structure as defined by the controller’s data table

 easy-to-use I/O addressing methods

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