How can you link WinCC to S7 PLCSIM?

In order to be able to access a simulation of S7 PLCSIM you must execute steps 1 to 3:

You must install the programs in the following order:

No. Procedure
1 STEP 7
3 WinCC

In WinCC, in the user-defined installation dialog Select Components you must select "Communication" and the component "Object Manager":

( 12 KB )
Fig. 01

Starting the STEP 7 applications:

No. Procedure
1 Start SIMATIC Manager.
2 Start S7 PLCSIM.
3 Open the project to be simulated or create a new project.
4 Insert an OS in the project.
5 Load the project in S7 PLCSIM.
6 In S7 PLCSIM set the MPI address of the CPU configured in HW Config via "PLC > MPI Address".
7 Open the OS in the STEP 7 project.

Working in WinCC:

No. Procedure
1 Insert a "SIMATIC S7 PROTOCOL SUITE" in the Tag Management.
2 Create a new connection under MPI.
3 Right-click the connection and select "Properties".
4 Click on the "Properties" button.
5 In the "Connection" tab you specify the MPI address and the slot of the CPU that you have configured in STEP 7.

( 5 KB )
Fig. 02
6 Acknowledge the entries with "OK".
7 Activate the WinCC project.
8 Under "Start > SIMATIC > WinCC > Tools > Channel Diagnosis" the status of the connection is displayed under "Channels Connection".
9 If the connection is not set up, check the setting of the MPI Unit in the WinCC Explorer under "Tag Management > SIMATIC S7 PROTOCOL SUITE > MPI > System Parameters".
Go to the "Unit" tab and enable the option "Set automatically".

( 6 KB )
Fig. 03

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