Mengenal PLC MODICON dan Unity Software

Tahukah anda PLC Modicon?

Software apa yang biasa digunakan bikin program PLC tersebut?

The family of Modicon programmable controllers associated with Unity software offers you ingenuity, flexibility and openness for increased productivity of machines, industrial processes and infrastructures. At the heart of the Telemecanique® offer, the new Modicon M340™ programmable controller for machines naturally becomes the ideal partner for Modicon Premium™ and Modicon Quantum™.

Schneider Electric introduces an update to its most advanced application development software to date, Unity Pro V3.1.
Telemecanique® brand Unity™ Pro V3.1 advanced application software is used for the latest line of Modicon® programmable controllers. As a single software package, it allows the full development of applications, including online updates and full simulation with comprehensive debug functions on Modicon Quantum™, Premium™, and M340™ programmable controllers. The new software allows simple upgrades from smaller Unity packages to larger offers or more user licenses. In addition, new, powerful Unity Pro XLS packages are available just for the new SIL-2 rated Modicon Quantum PLC platforms. Unity Pro V3.1 software also offers configuration of eight new Modicon M340 PAC I/O modules, plus new products from the Preventa™ line of safety PLCs. In addition, the software allows users to easily and expertly configure and set up the Modicon Premium PLC’s new hot standby system. It also offers enhanced CANopen integration including dedicated third party product files for the Modicon M340 PAC. Unity Pro V3.1 software is fully IEC 61131-3 compliant.

Unity Pro V3.1 advanced application software offers further advantages, including:

• Increased productivity, with quick and direct access to function blocks and filters within differing locations of an application editor
• Improved programming functionality with two new function blocks and added data management
• Expansion of a programmer’s useful options with broad applications using SFC, ASi and CANopen communications
• Enhanced online monitoring with clearly identified monitored modes and parameters with improved display of variables in function blocks and animation tables

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